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Consumer Portfolio Services / Harassing calls at work!

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This company calls me on my job no fewer than 6 times a day. Currently I owe for last months payment and this month's payment goes past due on Friday. I will pay these people. In the meantime, although they have an alternate number for me, they call me at work. I work in a call center and can not make outgoing phone calls unless I am on a break. The call and leave me multiple messages and if I don't call back soon enough they call my co workers (our number are in numerical order by desk). I have some people coming to my desk that don't even know me to tell me that my bill collectors are calling about my car or they have asked my bill collectors to stop calling and they won't. This is unbelievable. I don't care much to talk to them because they say things like what is more important to you eating or driving to work? They have threatened to come to my job and take the car and then how will I get home. That is really unprofessional for someone to say. They need to be stopped. I have asked repeatedly that they stop calling but they wont.

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  • Ma
      27th of Nov, 2007
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    They did the exact same thing to me, I work at a hospital and they had the on call doctor paged and asked him where I parked so they could repo my car. They also called the nurses line and asked if they knew where to find me because the tow truck was outside trying to find my car. They also left a letter at my neighbors house!they sent it certified to my neighbors address. I owed 1 and 1/2 payments and they told me when I called in 1 payment that it was not enough. They still call my job and they have already came and picked my car up for 1 and 1/2 payments!!!

  • Te
      27th of Nov, 2007
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    If you send this company a written letter and make sure you have them sign for it, telling them that you can not receive phone calls at work and they continue, you can sue them. ITs called the Fair Debt Collection Act.

    They key is to start recording your calls to them, write down who you speak to, what they say, the time of day, the day you call, ect.. There are attorneys who will take this type of case at no cost.

    Good luck.

  • Be
      28th of Nov, 2007
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    consumer portfolio services needs to be put under investigation for their tactics.they call me at work and harasse myself and my co-workers,they even call my job pretending to be other people to get information on me luckily i answered the phone when they called.and you cannot talk to them because they talk to you as if you were some type of animal.they are not professional at all they just call and threaten you and your references at home and work.i will be so glad when i get the car paid off so that i would no longer have any contact with that company.i pray every night that some how some way they will be put out of business.

  • Da
      7th of Dec, 2007
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    I am currrently going threw a company that is paying my loan paymants for me to them. CPS knows this. I have told them several times and so has the company I am going threw. But they still insist on calling for us to make a payment. Yes this company does have to be stopped!

  • Ch
      10th of Dec, 2007
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  • Ma
      11th of Dec, 2007
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    GREAT IDEA... they are HORRIBLE... i think we should all cut them off as well as dealerships and put them out of business... as a matter of fact the location i bought my car from (a major toyota dealership) refuses to let them on the lot... apparently they have a rep. that handles the dealerships and they were "removed " from the lot... more dealerships should follow there lead...

  • An
      18th of Dec, 2007
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    Does your state not have a law where if you tell CPS that they are breaking the law by calling you at work and they ARE NOT TO CALL YOU AT WORK AGAIN, they can't. Also my state does not allow more than 1 phone call a day for collections. I live in Missouri. Please check with your state. Once I told those nasty bitc*** to stop calling me at work that they were breaking the law, guess what? They stopped! And if for any reason they call again - just hang up. I think they hire the meanest cold hearted people in Irvine CA. Be smart, get informed and play their game! At least until they go out of business!!! And never use their services again!

  • Kj
      4th of Jan, 2008
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    I AGREE WITH ALL OF YOU, I BEEN WITH THIS AGORNANT / DISREPECTFUL COMP. SINCE 2006 and just this past last year i became ill and i fell behind in my pasts due to this and one day this a?? hole of a lady calls me on a saturday and told me that the last pmt i made goes to the month of dec not nov and that i need another pmt + include the late fees to cover the nov pmt i told her i didnt have it at this time until another wk with i get paid again , then she said that they wasnt going to wait for another wk for the pmt and that is the car in good cond i told her what does she think? she said that they are going to come pu the car i told her what ever i can save them the favor and take the car to the dealership instead , she said go right ahead i told that b???? not to call my phone no more she told she they can call if they want to , i hung on her , prior a few months back i had 2 different reps for that comp. call me in the repo dept , and when they see i was not answering my phone they called my mother house telling her that i was behind in 2 months and that either i need to get 1 pmt in along w/ the fees and then they can work w/me on the other pmt .or they will need to come up the car , when i got home my mom called me and told me all what the rep said to her , then recently this week an guy calls my mom # and told her that i was in need to mk the late fee pmt and he can work w/ me on the reg car pmt , or he will need to contact my local police dept so they can pu the car... now CAN SOMEONE PLEASE REPOND TO THIS AND TELL ME WHAT I SHOULD DO ABOUT THIS , I WORK IN A CALL CENTER FOR AUTO FIN.AND I KNOW WHEN IM TALKING TO A CUSTOMER WE ARE NOT TO DISCUSS ANYTING TO ANY PARTY 'S ABOUT THERE ACCTS...LETS ALL TRY TO FILE A SUITE TOWARD THIS PEOPLE B/C ENOUGH IS ENOUGH , IM SURE WERE ALL GOOD PEOPLE AN SOMETIMES THINGS HAPPEN AND WEE FALL BEHIND AND IM SURE THEY DO TOO , BUT IM TIRED OF CPS .. LET ME KNOW WHAT DO DO ABOUT 3RD PARTY DISCLOSURES????

  • Ti
      5th of Jan, 2008
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    omg these people bug big time- they call everyone i know 24/7- they are the rudest people ever- i was on maternity leave and they were calling my work all day and my coworkers were telling them i was on leave and the cps person had the audacity to tell my coworker she was lying for me and wanting to know whre i really was- my work told them to stop calling or else they were getting a restraining order against them and you wanna know what these people do because they dont know we have caller id, well they call and if i dont answer the phone they will hang up on whoever answers the call. man i have tried to talk to these people but they are not rational at all- they are so mean and threaten all the time. oh yeah they said that they are going to call the police on me once before and they called my boss telling her that they are going to contact the police. they are always threating to come and take the vehicle. i tell them go ahead and come pick it up they are the ones losing money not me. ohh and that makes them more mad. yeah they need to be stopped because they treat everyone i know like like dogs! i mean one of my friends told them to eff off because they were harrasing her. they call my work and pretend to be other people to see if i am here. omg they are gonna give me high blood pressure.

  • Br
      10th of Jan, 2008
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    CPS needs to be sued!They called me in OCT 07 1 day late & demanded payment, I told them I have a fiance' w/brain cancer and they told me that was her problem, they call my work & tell my boss I'm a lying theif, harass my references 24/7. I have tried to talk to them and they really nasty with me or do not answer their ext.I've filed bankrupcty due to medical bills and they tell me I can't. My atty has called them & they told him they want their money PERIOD!I called BBB state ATTY and every agency I can think of, these ###S thinks they are above the law, wonder if there is a way to get a message board up to file a class action siut to put them out of business I'm sorry I ever got involved with these white collar THUGS!

  • Wi
      13th of Jan, 2008
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    OMG!! I just finalized a deal with them on 12/29/07. I filed a BK and wanted to re-establish my credit so I drove my current car to a major Jeep dealership here in San Diego and was approved for a loan. My first loan approval came from Household bank at 17% then at the last minute CPS came through with a 13% so I took that one. Just this past thursday (1/10/08) I took the Jeep back because the engine light was on. Come to find out the "Certified Used Vehicle" wasn't so "Certified". I'm glad I still have my other car. I was going to just surrender it back to Wells Fargo (who has been good to me) because although I've paid the note on time for the past two years I won't get credit for further on time payments with Wells Fargo because of the Bankruptcy. This wouldn't help me toward getting my credit back on track. I called CPS to let them know what was going on and that I may be returning the Jeep back to the Jeep dealer. I am really anxious to see how CPS is going to handle this situation. I will keep you all posted. NO WONDER THE SALESMAN SAID TO ME, "I HATE DEALING WITH THEM". I'm pissed because when you're in the dealership you don't have time to jump on the internet to research these finance companies. I just may have found a way out of CPS' little web. From reading everyone's note it seems these people are getting away with several illegal acts and this website and the other one I just visited is filled with proof of how they are breaking the law. I give them ONE GOOD time to even attempt to treat me that way and I will have some savvy attorney on them like white on rice in a glass of milk on a paper plate in a snow storm! Bet on it!! I'd even have every last person on my reference list sue them for harrassment. My mouth is watering!! People like this need to be taught a lesson. They don't realize that they do more and better business with a little sugar instead of salt.

    Will Keep You Posted,
    San Diego, CA

  • Wi
      13th of Jan, 2008
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    I did a little more research on CPS. They have been sued so many times. Check this out.


  • Ti
      15th of Jan, 2008
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    I guess I can consider myself lucky.. I thought I had it bad with these people. I have not had the harrassing calls @ work, but they did call my home several times a day. According to their records my payment was due to them on the 1st, but according to my original contract my payments were not due until the 26th. ( we bought a second car from a small dealership like a buy here pay here kinda thing and the loan then sold to another company, and then finally to our friends at CPS ) Anyway, as the months have rolled by my payments have always!!!! Yes always been paid over the phone on the 15 ( look familiar to anybody? PAY DAY!!!! ) I called multiple times to have my due day changed to the 15th. Needless to say they would never change it . They always told me that I have already received a date change and you are only allowed 1 for the life of the loan. Now remember I said earlier that I bought and signed for my car with another company, so they changed my due date , it was not ever requested by me. This has gone on for months. Oct of 2007 I called for my payoff. ( finally this is the last payment ) Today is 1/15/08. My last contact with CPS was about 15 minutes ago when I called to find out why I had not received my title yet. What do you know!!! I have another 294.00 due ... this is late charges they assest on my account. I have yet to receive a message or a call from CPs about these charges. Anybody ever ask to speak to a manager? Guess what I finally got one!!! After months and months of fighting with CPS I am writing a check for 200.00 to settle the loan. Good luck to the rest of you out there. I will be checking back to see how things are going. ALways write down who you spoke to and the date and time .. this may help... request that they send you information in the mail ...

  • Ch
      15th of Jan, 2008
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    they did the same to me... and then they sent me candy! yay! go CPS!!!!

  • Je
      16th of Jan, 2008
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    First of all my friend...I totally agree with 100%. I won't go into lengthy details about my experiences with CPS (I could pretty much copy and paste pieces of everyones story..and viola...there's mine). Before I give some useful tips, let me boil it down... CPS believes that just because people have poor credit, must mean that they aren't that bright (which we all know is wrong). Now don't necessarly blame the person you're talking to (they're playing a role... blame the higher ups). The job of the representative you're talking to is to get you rattled enough to find some way/some how to get them the money you owe. The methods they use are illegal... but because they know they most likely dealing with people who would have difficulty aquiring proof and to mount a proper legal defense, they feel they have carte' blanche.

    Here is some simple yet effective tips to deal with these vultures:
    1. Do not do post dated checks ever!!!! It is illegal, and not only that, they have been known to wait an extra day or two to cash it so they can garner late fees.

    2. Do not pay by credit card, direct deposit from your checking account, or check (gives them information to your account). Pay only by Money Order or Wire Transfer (Money Gram is the best one because they charge less than Western Union to process, receive code for CPS is 3155). By doing this you not only have a written record for yourself, but one that if necessary can be accessed from a neutral third party. Also the money is automtically sent to your account, no processing time.

    3. If they do call you at work, hang up. They skirt very close to the edge of breaking the law by doing this. There is no law saying you have to accept there calls or talk to them. Politely inform them that you do not accept calls at work, and that should they wish to discuss this matter, to call you at your home anytime after you get out of work (make sure you do mention what time that would be, but also add in the time it takes to get home).

    4. Make a record of every phone call they make to you (and if possible, to your references). In your record, list the date, time, length of call, name of representative, and what was said during the conversation. You could also record the phone call (now that would put the fear of God into, however if you do, make sure you inform them at the beginning of the call that you will be recording this call for your personal reference (you have to, otherwise the recording is useless according to Federal as well as State laws, depending on your state).

    5. If you want to file a complaint, the best places are the Federal Trade Commission, Your state attorney generals office, and the California Attorney Generals Office (CPS is based in Irvine, CA). You could also try the Better Business Bureau...but in my experience, as well as what I have read of's just a waste of time.

    6. If you or they offer to make any arrangement, then make sure you talk to their supervisor before agreeing (the representative does not the final authority in any deal, if anything else remember that). Also state that before you make any payment, you want the deal sent to you in writing on their letter head, signed by the department head (whom I believe is Chris Terry..and also the one you need to talk to in regards to finalizing any deal made).

    On a final note: The FDCA does not appy to CPS (only to third party lenders, CPS is the actual lender), and in dealing with them: KEEP YOUR COOL... don't lose your temper, remember they are only trying to get you riled up. If you send them any letters, make sure it sent delivery confirmation and as well as having them sign for it.

  • Co
      21st of Jan, 2008
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    I've been with the company since 2006 and CPS is the absolute worst finance co. on the face of this earth!!! After having the car for 11 months the transmission and the ac went and we had to spend $2k to repair it. When I called to skip my pymt for that month because of the repair bill they told me I didn't 'qualify' and they harrassed me for the pymt. I was recently returned to work after being out on maternity leave and fell behind 1 pymt. When I called to set up an arrangement, because they were calling me at home and on my cell several times a day, they told me that if I didn't give them my checking acct info over the phone they couldn't 'hold' my account. Well since the rep I was speaking too was so rude to me, when she hung up on me I called back to make a pymt arrangement with another rep and this one asked me why I called back 5 minutes before they were about to close!!!! They hire the most unprofessional, ignorant people they can possibly find. In my experience, the 'supervisors' are even worse! By the end of that phone call the rep threatened to come get the vehicle, so I thought about it and said good idea. I owe more than its worth and I refuse to be treated like a dog by this company, when I'm struggling to make the pymt each month anyway. Well they've called repeatedly since then and they do not want to repo my car. One rep even suggested that I sell the car and have the money sent to them and then my payments would be lowered because I would just be responsible for the balance. They are crooks, how can I sell something I don't own!!! They call me faithfully everyday, trying to discourage me from voluntarily surrendering my car, but since they have been so nasty to me, I won't accept or return any of their calls. They have all the info they need to repo the car and that's their best bet. I'm 2 through with them and I want everyone to know it. I want to see this company go belly up because their business practices are horrible. Just because u don't have A- rate credit doesn't mean u have to settle for being treated like garbage. Peace of mind is priceless and that's just what I'll have when they come and get this car! . I wish we could get a class action suit going against the company and just put them out of business!!! I'll post an update to let everyone know the outcome.

    2 Through

  • Ch
      30th of Jan, 2008
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    I agree with everything that has been already posted! I'm glad to see that I'm not the only 1 that is having to put up with this treatment. CPS has called my work several times and harrassed me and my boss, they have called everybody I know. They call my mom(a # that i did not give them) and harass her. The past few weeks they call my mom and hasn't even tried my house. My wife tried to make a payment 3 days ago and they told her that it was not enough and would not accept it. How am I ever going to be able to get caught up if they won't accept my payment??? I also have told them to come get the truck when they threaten to repo it and all I hear is click. Thats right they hang up.

    I do not wish to speak to them and will not return their calls. I send them a money gram for my payment. Oh yeah, whenever I have spoke with them, they are not able to find my account by looking under my social security #. They have to have my account or my phone number. I will be so happy when they come get the vehicle or when I can finally pay it off!!

  • Ka
      31st of Jan, 2008
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    This company needs to be stopped, plain and simple. There are ways to go about it. If everyone who is telling their stories on this forum formed an action campaign to find as many victims of this company as possible-there is a way to put them out of business, and also face potential prosecution by State Banking Commissions, as well as AG's offices in the states they are allowed to lend in.

    I know how the AG's office works because I worked in the consumer affairs division in college. It is a numbers game. Flood their offices with complaints. Find as many people as you can, organize a mass filing. I guarantee this company will be flagged for investigation. It is procedure to investigate after a certain complaint threshold has been reached but remain unresolved. Complaints and subsequent criminal investigation by AG put a shady car dealership out of business in my hometown, Seattle, WA. It started with one person who filed a complaint then snowballed from there.

    Since financial institutions, which includes finance companies, are regulated by the states they conduct business in as well as the state where their operations are based, the last thing CPS wants are Banking Examiners snooping around. Usually, when a company is this loose with compliance in one area-they are in others. Since they operate in several states, this could open up a can of worms on the Federal Level as well.

    But what scares a finance company more than anything is the possibility of being cut off by their investors. These companies rely on warehouse lines to fund their auto loans. They don't lend their own money usually and need a constant infusion of capital to survive. The quickest way to get an investor to run for the hills is an uncalculated risk to their investment. Being the target of an investigation brands you as a risk and a potentially serious liability. Would you fund a business who was under investigation by regulatory agencies. I think not.

    Protesting by not paying your car note is like [censored]ing their finger, hitting them where their money comes from to conduct business is a death blow. Ask any mortgage company who was under any regulatory probe how quickly their bank lines pulled the plug. The last thing CPS wants to jeopardize is their relationship with their bankers. Lawsuits can be settled quickly and kept quiet. State or Federal investigators follow the money trail and notify any possible partners or investors. Don't worry about them having teams of lawyers to defend themselves. The big money won't throw good money after bad. Companies like CPS are a dime a dozen and will find themselves twisting in the wind, while their money guys head for greener pastures.

    I am in the banking industry and know how finance companies work. What is worse for consumers is these third tier finance companies entice you with the idea of re-building your credit. Just having CPS on your credit, even if you have a good payment history has a negative impact on your credit score. I learned that directly from a representative of a company I use to pull credit. It makes me sick how these unscrupulous loan sharks ruin people's lives.

    Let me know if I can help. BTW. Look on your disclosures you rec'd from CPS, they should list who their investors are in the fine print. Hit them where they live!!!


  • He
      6th of Feb, 2008
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    I guess I will add to this list,
    CPS is who finances my car and ...WHAT A MISTAKE!!!! I called today to make the payment on my vehicle with "check by phone" and asked the lady why there was a $18 late charge. She went of to say that it was because the payment was made on the 24th and not on the 5th. They must be stupid!!!! I called on the 24th to make the payment for the next month which would be early not late. I explained that to her and she was telling me that I was wrong that she was reading it off of her notes...She said it VERY rudely... I told her maam there is no reason for you to get rude I just asked you a question. And she was still rude just kept telling me that I was wrong because she was reading it off of her notes.

    Besides this incident today, if I do not make the payment on the 5th they will be calling my job, without waiting for the grace period harrasing me, on why I didn't make the payment the day before. 1 DAY!!!

    They have done this several times. My goal is to NEVER be not even one day late so I will not have to deal with there crap.

    One thing is for sure, THEY ARE VERY UNPROFFESSIONAL!!!

  • Jo
      8th of Feb, 2008
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    Consumer Portfolio Services - Harassing calls!
    Consumer Portfolio Services
    United States

    I only owe this company 2 payments 600.00 they are calling me on my cell, & they call my parents who are elderly, They call my neighbors to tell me they will get my car. They call @ work, They are relentless! What are they gonna do w/ my measly little loan gets paid off! I feel they are vultures, I think we know what they are up to.

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