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Consumer Portfolio Service / rude/harrasing phone calls

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To whom it may concern, i took out an auto loan with consumer portfolio service but in last couple of months been having some problems with making the payments. anyhow i received a call from a supervisor of the company named philip, he listened to my problem for about a minute then he becme very rude telling me if i did not make a payment right know what he was going to do. I tried to be reasonable to him but he got worse and transferred me over to an even bigger ### named anthony/mr. campbell who proceeded to tell me that if i did not make a payment right now he was going repossed the car and that i needed to grow up. I was so mad i had to litterally bite tongue; when i tasted the blood i just hang up the phone and that was it for that day. they hae not called since!!!


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  11th of Aug, 2008
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I received a call from this company for a third party that I don't know. I wrote down the number and deleted the message, thinking I will call them really quick and let them know I don't know this person and ask them to please not call anymore. I called in and politely told the man I don't know the person they are calling for and to please remove my number. He told me he would remove it but the account holder had called in from that number before and he knew I was lying. Of course upset by this, I said "excuse me?" He continued on to tell me that if I was going to have this attitude he will not remove my number at all and continue to call. I asked for his name, he refused, asked for his manager, he said he was the manager, I asked for the company name and he told me to call the account holder because he can tell me since he called from my house. I advised the man it was not a home phone it was a new cell phone number and I don't know the account holder. He continued to call me a liar and continued to talk over me then hung up on me. I called back trying to get a manager, so I didn't enter in the extension this time. The same man answered and without even saying hello said, Ma'am what do you want?? I asked for a manager, he refused again and refused any information once again. I then had my friend who is an attorney call back, the same man answered, still wouldn't give any information and refused a manager and hung up. She called yet again from another line, finally got another employee and asked for the number not to be called again and they said it had already been taken care of an blocked from calls but said could not say who the call had come from since they just get call alphabetically, whatever that means. He was not apologetic and didn't seem to care. I had never heard of this company until today and I have never been so disgusted by the way I have been treated. I am a bill collector myself and if I ever talked to someone the way this man talked to me I would be fired in an instance, not to mention he just obviously had no respect for people whatsoever. I would never use this company and I'm so sorry for anyone that does, and good luck. I will be posting my dissatisfaction at all places possible.
  15th of Jan, 2009
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CPS is calling all of my refernces, co-workers & friends saying that they are comingto repo my vechicle. They are rude, use profanity, hang up on you and lie. They have been doing this since Dec. 23, 08. I have 6 people that are writing out statements for me. Cps called my job on 01/15/2009 at app. 1:00 p.m claiming to be my cousin and that they were calling about the vechicle.
  13th of Aug, 2009
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Threatning to pick up my car, just made a payment two weeks ago, thirty days behind, they charge me 22% interest on a 10, 000$ loan, so far they have collected 8, 000$ of my money with only 1, 800$ going toward the principal.. My thing is, how can this be legally allowed in a so called democracy of high ethics?? I just don't get it!! They call my job, my family members, a constant insulting ways of communicating and always threatning with repossesion and law suites. Why has our goverment allowed these new white collard crimes to affect the innocent common people. Why!!!
  13th of Aug, 2009
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Not even one attourney will take on these creepy rip off people. Their pockets must be lined as well!!
  21st of Aug, 2009
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They are not crimes stupid. Try paying your bill on time and you wouldn't have to deal with it now would you? If your current on your account, they will not call or send out the repossession agent. As far as the interest rate goes, that is no ones fault but your own. Youi have a high interest rate because you cant pay any bills on time and you signed the contract agreeing to it. Attorney' will not take the case because there is not a case to be taken.
  2nd of Oct, 2009
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I just told them to come and get the car because they have been adding $2, 000+ a year to the total owed on the car for the passed 3 years. The total owed was just over $17, 000 when I got the car. I've paid $12, 000 and still owe $11, 000 +, and THEY CAN SUCK MY add they are adding $5.72 aday more toward the pay off. No way in hell have i been late for the last 3 years paying. THEY CAN SUCK MY #####$%$#@@@@@ Denise Brasfield, Ky.
  2nd of Oct, 2009
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I Think every one should stop and read every thing
  20th of Aug, 2010
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Consumer Portfolio Service called on my job site and spoke to one of my Co-Manager and give them information about my status on my account and then called my Daughter and told her to inform me that they called on my job to let them know that when I come to work they is coming to get the car. Being only two payments behind does not call for this type of harassement.

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