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I bought a refrigerator and a washing machine from Conn's in Jan. of 2017. In June of this year, my refrigerator starting giving off a chemical odor. I called and they sent out a repairman from Conn's which they don't have a record of and he said he didn't have a clue what the odor was. Conn's said I needed to contact Frigidaire since we didn't buy Conn's warranty. The food in my refrigerator was ruined and tasted so horrible you couldn't even eat it. I even boiled an egg and I couldn't even eat it.
Contacted Frigidaire and took about 2 weeks for someone to come and look at it. The repairman said he did smell the chemical odor and thought it might be a rotten lemon that was in the drawer. He took it out and said to let the refrigerator air out and see if that helped it. The smell was still there so I called Frigidaire again. They finally agreed to send out another repairman after much discussion and this guy smelled like he had just smoked a pack of cigarettes and said he didn't smell the odor.
Called back to Frigidaire and a supervisor said the other repairman said he didn't smell anything so they couldn't do anything else. Explained to him that this guy reeked of cigarette smoke so I didn't see how he possibly could smell anything. Meantime we have a new refrigerator we can't even use for fear of it making my family sick.
Spoke with another supervisor and he said to put kiddie litter in in for about 48 hours and if that didn't remove the smell to try charcoal for 48 hours and did that. The refrigerator still had the chemical smell. I was told by a heating, air, refrigeration company that it smelled like the glue from in the wall of the refrigerator. Frigidaire said there wasn't anything to repair (there probably wasn't a fix for it other than a different frig brought). Finally convinced them to send the first repairman that thought it might be the lemon to come back out. He came back out and said yes he smelled the smell and tried putting in a new ice maker. I called back in and said the smell was still there and they said they were sending the same repairman back out and cancelled it the day he was coming.
Meanwhile I have a new $1000 refrigerator that I can't even use, having to use an old one in the garage and Conn's keeps calling wanting payment for the frig. I said I will pay for the washer but you need to come and get the frig. They said it will go as a repossession against your credit. Whatever happen to satisfaction guaranteed? Please would someone help me get this issue resolved.

Sep 26, 2017
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      Sep 28, 2017

    I'm involved within the industry and I can tell you refusing to pay for the fridge is not the answer. The lender has the ability to add on what is usually rather hi interest, late fees and collection costs. In addition they can generally get a rather easy judgement and then place leans on something like your home to assure they get paid. Ultimately, like it or not, the law is on their side.

    If it were me, I'd suggest doing some time to see if you can trace down exactly where the smell is coming from.

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