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I am extremely frustrated and upset with Conn's Service Departments customer service at [protected]. I purchased a GE refrigerator (still under extended warranty) model GSH25JSRF SS. I called Conn's for service on a Wednesday and service worker was here to look at my refrigerator on Friday. It turns out that the main mother board is bad again. This will be the second time in less than 3 years that this same part goes out. Two weeks later and many daily calls to the service department and the corporate office in Beaumont and still noone will call us back with status on our work order. I know we are waiting for the part, but I wish someone would be courteous and return our calls. I have asked for the supervisor but somehow either the supervisor is not getting the message or chooses not to call us back. I decided to call the local department in McAllen, TX [protected] and still feel like I am getting the run around. I have always been on time with the payments to them. They advertise great customer satisfaction. I have not seen this at all and am very upset with their service. Plenty of food went bad. I wonder if there others with the same problem with the same refrigerator or service department.

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  • He
      Apr 02, 2009

    Hi, My name is Henry and I have same problem with my GE side by side is just over a year old (timing consistent with Murphy’s Law) and the ice dispenser has stopped working. After my reseach i noticed many other customers have the same problem (control board in the back of the Fridge is the point of failure). I called Sears, they came over and were asking for $ 480.00 to replace the part.. and htey end up charging me $ 75.0 for apppointment service. Anyway I can be reach at [protected]
    Perhaps a problem you are aware of that will cause this early life failure like a crappy dispenser motor?
    Please advice.

    Thanks for any help

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  • Na
      Oct 14, 2009

    I call GE back when I receive the unit. 09/17/09 I then got a GE tech to come out and service the unit. The tech said the horse line was cut inside the door. The tech said he will not work on the unit to much work. I then call GE again and ask for them to set up a secound services with a different tech only because the first one was treating me very bad calling me names etc…

    The tech came out the secound time and was the same guy tat came the first time he stand at the door and call GE and told them right infront of me with out looking at the unit it was shipping damage.
    Please believe the guy curse at me F+++ you etc…

    I call GE, GE said there is nothing we cam do for you we have to go by our tech word.GE then hang up on me and this is customer relation. Please believe I had the worst headache of my life and my blood pressure went up I had to go to my doctor.

    I continue to call GE to help in this matter .I continue to her bash by both the tech and GE (customer relation).

    They will not help. I did however call back the next few weeks after the tech call me and said not to every call GE again or he will only come out and bash my head in great services from a GE tech.
    I do believe GE doesn’t screen their tech at all.

    Ge might as well give this guy a GUN and have him blow my head of just for purchasing a GE product never again I will buy from GE.

    The issue was never resolve.

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  • Vi
      Oct 26, 2009

    same problem with fridge only 2 months old, no one has called be back! still without a fridge for a month.

    want to start rally in front of store, anyone insterested please call [protected]

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  • Po
      Aug 21, 2011

    My GE fridge died only 6 years old... Piece of crap.

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