Con Edisontwo out of three fazes between the building and street are disconnected.

Two out of three fazes between our building and the street were disconnected for the last 10 months and we have just one cable (instead of three) handling the whole building's electric needs. Our first floor apt central ventilation and air conditioning system needs two fazes to work.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Brooklyn, NYLast fall somebody from Coned came to check the system and told us he will send a crew to fix it. Nobody showed up. Last time I contacted Coned two weeks ago and again was told that somebody will contact me. We're still waiting. . In the hot weather, if all 7 apartments in our building turn on the air conditioning, that one last remaining wire might not withstand the load. That will be a major problem for everybody, not excluding the risk of fire.

Con Edison

May 11, 2017

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