Con Edison / no electricity

Brooklyn, NY, United States
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We have not had any electricity since 6/23/17at 11 am. Living in the house is 4 adults and 3 children ages 12 years old, 5 years old and a 11 month old. We have called Con-ed at least twelve time and was told by then that they would send someone out at 9pm 6/24/17. When we called them at 8pm 6/24/17 they told us we had to get a licensed electrician to come check out breaker boxes. The electrician stated that there is no electricity coming in the house and the breaker boxes are working fine. After the electrician called they gave us a confirmation number (BE17034444) to let us know the information was filed. Due to the power outage we lost a lot of food items we had no A.C In the extremely hot weather, no lights nor hot water . This shouldn't happen to anyone

Jun 24, 2017

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