Con Edison / extra payment

JAJ Station P.O. Box 1702, Brooklyn, NY, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 212-243-3003

I was on public assistance and fell behind on my light around $600-$800 when i asked my case worker for assistance; which I got that payment resulted in public assistance paying my light bill every month and they would re-coup it from my cash allowance. Last year i got off public assistance and was paying all my bills including my light bill. i fell behind and went on a payment plan with only $300 left to pay Con Edison sent me a bill for over $2500. I went to their sub station and inquire why and i was told that the money HRA had paid them when I was on public assistance when I came out of the program They had to return the money so I am now liable to pay that money. I went to HRA got A print out of all money that was paid to Con Edison and was told no money was return to the agency whatever they paid Con Edison on my behalf I don't have pay but Con, Edison is insisting that I pay this money. Can You Help? They have also added a Esco electricity supply to my bill that is sky rocking my bill before i only had Con Edison Now I have both Con Edison and Esco Electric.Please help because due to this situation I to return to HRA to try to get public assistance but was denied. thank you

Apr 17, 2013

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