Con Edisoncustomer service

Horrible customer service on the phone 1 hour waited over 20min to get representative then 10 min into the conversation with the rep I requested a supervisor and the rep insisted the supervisor would not be able to help me further. While i'm on the phone she continues to type back and forth with the supervisor. I hear the keyboard loud in my ear. The supervisor gives her a different/better option of course to offer me. 195down to start new agreement but if agreement is broken for any reason I would not ever be eligible again for one. I decline the offer numerous times. I have small kids anything could happened. I could not take that chance. The rep continues to try to assist me.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Bronx, NY I'm getting frustrated because I requested to speak to supervisor ruiz. I felt badgered I felt like I was being completely ignored. The rep took my callback # finally after the 100th firm no only for the supervisor ruiz to answer 52mins into the call and be as unsupportive, unsympathetic, and rude as possible. My payment agreement was broken and it cost 385 to restore I explained I have 300 today to pay but would need more time to pay the remainder. But that's just impossible! i'm so annoyed with this company and its poor customer service. I would have felt much better even though I would've still denied the offer had the customer service been right. Thank god for my family but to anyone else out there struggling to make ends meet good luck when dealing with this company

Nov 26, 2018

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