SUBMIT A COMPLAINT Switzerland / unauthorized card payment of 15 pound per month

I bought a film ticket on line last year then there is a complete saving link of getting cash back or something in the corner of the confirmation page. Out of curiosity i clicked continue and then they asked me to complete some sort of registration. I entered my address then saw that they were asking for bank details. I found it wired so i didnt continue further. Then i started to receive letters telling me to complete the registrations and hell i don't what to register with you! But i am really busy with study and term so i ignored all those letter since they are all about registrations, i have never provide this company my bank details so i didnt pay much attention.

this is a year later when i found that this company has been taking money from my bank for a whole year 15 pound per month!
This is ridiculous because I have never completed the registration for the membership, never have I received any emails about payment confirmation.

This is ridiculous, because i have never authorize the right for them to take the payment. Nor did I complete the registration. They dont have a single email from me and i never have a membership number so I cant event call up and complain about it.


Apr 06, 2016

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