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Comfort Keepers Home Care


Lies to them also

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Comfort Keepers Home Care
United States
Comfort Keepers, Spring Hill offices, lies to employees, rips them off of money, and wages, makes up "policies" as they go along, frequently change managers, so you can not get anyone to back up their "word" on the empty promises. Collected 89 dollars from new hires, for a background check, promiseing that those hired would get back 60 within first 60 days- never happened. Have never given out a handbook with policies about pay, but then take 15% per hour for whatever infraction they "make up" without any explanation. assure an area to work, then book you out of town.
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N  19th of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
Each establishment are franchise businesses, not all Comfort Keepers are operating such as this office. Most of them, or majority of them are rather good! I am employed in Oregon and have nothing close to these problems at all and have great people to work with!! Great support and everything you could imagine!!
A  5th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
You want to stay away from Comfort Keepers in Mason, OH! Like other office(s) mentioned, they have you pay for your own background check, while you can only expect less than 10 hours a week through them at $8.00-$8.25/hour. They will not allow you to work for another home health care agency, but please, how is one supposed to live on the very few hours Comfort Keepers dishes out? After months of being offered only 2-3 hours a week, Comfort Keepers then calls me and asks if I would be interested in another account, as client wants home health care, STNA, and/or CNA experience. By not saying anything, Comfort Keepers has no idea that I have accumulated home health care experience through another company; yet, they are snotty with me, saying I am not allowed to accumulate such experience with another company, despite them not offering me hardly any hours. Turnover rates are tremendous at Comfort Keepers, as you can see why. Do not fall for their hype about company picnics and how they appreciate their employees: Talk is cheap, just like their wages and lack of hours!

I know plenty of health care aides, who must work multiple health care agencies, due to lack of hours. Hello, we are in a very bad economy rivaling the first Great Depression of 1929-1930, as there are very long lines of Americans trying to get even $7.50/hour store jobs. Not many jobs work their hours around another job, let alone, hard to find full-time work that works around a busy college schedule. Most employers will not hire college students, since why should they, knowing millions of other people are out of work and will work any shift there is--even if the hours are less than 40 per week?! Try putting you are attending college for even a part-time store job and notice no one will call you---they'll choose the person, who can afford to live at home that will work those part-time hours at the store's or other type of company's beckon call. How are we supposed to pay our bills and put food on the table with $8.00/hour at less than 10 hours a week through Comfort Keepers? By the way, if their low pay is not enough, background check money that employees must make check out and pay to them is $45.00. You never get your money reimbursed, no matter how long you are employed by them. You also get NO time-n-half over 40 hours, either; therefore, if you w0rk 10o hours, you only receive straight $8.00/hour pay. This is legal, thanks to certain jobs being "exempt from paying overtime, " as home health care aides working through 3rd party agencies fit this description. With high gas prices, too bad: You eat up the cost, paying most of your salary toward a few hours here and there driving which ever side of town you can find those "few hours" per week. Management is also sarcastic and snotty, as I was told how I must put up with only a few hours a week, since this is their policy: They do not care that it takes over 40 hours a week just to barely survive, as their jobs do not come close to this aspect; instead, I was told that I should put up with living on a few hours a week, as so what if I cannot live or pay my bills on that! Then they have you do hours long tests, while only paying you $8.00/hour: Of course, while you are starving and cannot pay your bills, maybe this will free up enough time for their online tests?

My advice to anyone reading this: Run like heck from Comfort Keepers! O.K, so one may ask why I would pay $45.00 for my own background check. Well, the answer is simple: These types of companies greatly exploit their workers, so it ends up that if you do not pay to get a job, then they know the next person will. Very few jobs in this economy, unless you want to work part-time or temporary for $7.50/hour, lucky if you can even make $8.00/hour! As long as our jobs keep being shipped overseas, even people with college degrees are now finding themselves having to work for next to nothing these days.
N  13th of Jan, 2012 by    0 Votes
Know about Comfort Keepers in Canada... They don't pay overtime (not one extra penny), give any benefits or pay holiday time except one hour for X-Mas and New Year's!!!
N  13th of Sep, 2017 by    0 Votes
I worked 3 weeks for an unberable situation that the Owner was already aware of the problem. After 1 week I told him to please replace me because of the Client's Daughter. He told me he was aware of her but wanted me to form my own opinion. Obviously, I did. I remained loyal to him and the Client but he was not making an effort to replace me. I was there, on time and did an excellent job. Told him several times that I was starting not to respect myself for allowing her to treat me this way. He always made a joke out of it. Yesterday I had all I could take and did something of all my 14 yearso Caregiving I have never done. I told the Daughter how she was making me feel and could not take anymore. I left and texted the Owner immediately. Since this his conversation with me has been very rude. He is mailing my check. I have all signed time sheets but I can tell by the conversation I will not receive my full deserved pay. His remarks "You scratch my back and I will scratch yours". I am sure he intends to take $70.00 background check fee from my pay. I would recommend this unprofessional Agency. He told me today over the phone he was going to talk to me as if I am a kid. I am 68 years old and he is in his 30's. I said "OK" but I am twice your age. If he had listened to me when I told him of the problem it would never have gone this far. In reality, the reason he didn't find me a replacement is noone wants to work for the Daughter. His Manager has worked there as a Caregiver and told me herself how uncomfortable it is.
A  13th of Sep, 2017 by    0 Votes
From the above, I left out ONE important WORD. I would NOT recommend this particular Agency.

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