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368 Blackbrook Rd Ste 200, Painesville, OH, 44077, US
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Comfort Keepers - Housecleaner/caregiver

I was hire Sept. 2014 as a care giver never misses a client always on time, then my November 25th 2015 on line schedule did not make sense I called and talked to scheduler she changed it . This went on for 4 weeks . For my schedule I had to tell her where I was to be and the times. I though she had lost her mind she told me the computer had lost its. Then I started getting calls from my clients in panic mode they have been dropped from Comfortkeepers. and bless their hearts they were worried about me. Then Dec.. 3 logged on to my schedule an the message was we have dropper senior levies say good by to your clients and explain we will make this as easy as we can for them . keep in touch with our scheduler we might be able to use you . This was a job ending with no warning. I am 70 years old and worked hard for these people 6 days a week. driving, and spending 60.00 dollars in gas per. week. Please do not think am the only one there were a lot of employer that only did senior levies and the perfect time to be drop without warring is just befor Christmas

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Roswell, US
Nov 17, 2021 8:27 pm EST
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I am with comfort keepers and have been a client along with my son...since the first caregivers that came. Out here refused to do anything but sit at the table on their phones..i reported it all the time..nothing was done...the other day they came out to tell me they was cutting our hours becausevthe caregivers where getting bored. And didnt want to come back!...the one. My son had for his 3 hours which is 1hour and 45 mines now..didnt do anything but hide in the bathroom on the phone...i had 4 hours they cut me down to 2 hours a day..i cant stand or walk without i tryed to make something to eat..well i ended up making it myself while the caregiver sat down watching the time..they say they are not clean but yet they say light her. to dust the den and she whiped a little area of the table and. Called it down and started makeing noises that she was bored..then she told me that if i didntnt call the doctor tomorrow about my feet she was going to turn me in for neglect..dont think she had i right to threating me..the office doesnt do [censored]..i think we should have a meeting with her ..the company and me and get things straightened out of what she can do and not do but i dont think that will do any good for they changes things up all the time...i want to talk to their head boss..sounds from what i have read. that will do no good...thank you DS in Roswell..NM

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