Comerica Bankatm machine

I used the ATM machine at my local Comerica branch. The machine did not give me the money. I reported this immediately to the bank. The people at the branch were unable to help me. The bank took the money out of my account. The ATM is serviced by a third party, so the branch manager and tellers all told me that there is nothing they can do. They said 'they will look into it'. They were unable (or unwilling) to explain to me what 'look into it' means or when the problem might be resolved. They said that if their investigation goes well, I might be able to get my money back in 10 business days.

They were unwilling to provide me with contact information within Comerica Bank so that I could pursue the matter further. They were unwilling to provide me with contact information on where I can file a complaint. Their machine kept my money, and that's about it. I'm out of luck and out of $200.

I have banked at this branch for 10 years. They all know me and until yesterday, I had good relations with the people at this branch. I asked them to put an out-of-order sign on the machine and call for service. They were unwilling to even do that. They just said, sometimes this happens and with any luck, it will work out eventually. I asked them to look at the security camera tape to verify that the money did not come out of the machine. They said they could not do that. In essence, there is no way for me to prove my claim that I did not get the money out of the machine. They're just going to keep it.

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