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Comcast / unauthorized billing

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I switched to the comcast bundle last year, ever since I did, every month my bill has been incorrect and every month I have to call and spend an hour or more on the phone trying to get it straightened out. I even had to take time off from work and spent 2 hours at their office to get it straightened out and what do you think happened the next month. 'The same thing. Now that a year has gone by my phone was termed from the bundle first... how could that be, shouldn't all of the services term at the same time? So after spending 2 hours on the phone trying to straighten out my bill again, I upgraded to the next bundle which I've had for 2 months. Since then AGAIN my bill is all screwed up where I'm being double charged and charged for a bundle I never asked for. NO ONE SEEMS TO KNOW WHAT THE *** THEY ARE DOING THERE. I need someone who is in charge to help me and no one I have talked to will give me a name of a manager or someone else who has the authority to do anything to fix this mess. My bundle is suppose to be $114.98 per month, I just got a bill for $414.00... This is the worst company for customer service I have ever dealt with... DOES ANYONE HAVE A NAME OR NUMBER TO SHARE???

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  • Va
      26th of Jul, 2008
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    Order date 5/13/2008 for service to be installed at our new house on day of move-in 5/24/2008. We were quoted over the phone when we called Comcast that activation would be one time fee of $29.95; one dvr unit is $8.95 per month; each additional tv would be $5.00 per month. The phone modem would be $3.00 per month. This is what we were quoted with the advertised 'triple play' that also advertised 'no hidden fees'.

    We ordered for the living room tv to have DVR, and the two additional tvs to have standard service boxes. We also filled out rebate forms for all three services cash back totaling $200.00. These rebate forms were instructed to be sent within 60 days of installation and were to include paper copies of the first bill. We attempted on numerous occasions via telephone and internet 'live' chat to obtain the first bill so we could send for the rebate. The 'live chat' service said the system was down.

    I called on the phone and was told that the bill would be 'coming soon'. 35 days after installation, on June 27th 2008, we received a bill in the amount of $539.20! They added additional fees of over $142 for 'new connect fee' ($45.95), 'HSD Install' ($99.99). I called them and disputed the bill. I was told that they would 'submit' to a supervisor, but that we owe 'about $184' and as long as we sent that everything should be adjusted accordingly.

    I sent them $200.00 and I requested that I be called before the end of the week because we are on a tight budget in these economic times and I needed to know exactly how much we owe. In the meantime we filed for the rebates. No response from that yet... we sent that last week and according to the website there is as of yet no record. Then, yesterday 7/25/08..we receive a bill for $482.79!

    This was AFTER we paid the $200.00. I got back on the phone with Comcast, and after being directed through three people, including getting directed to a voice mail that did not even identify whose voice mail it was, I finally spoke to a supervisor. After negotiating, I was able to have the bill reduced by $145.94. So now, we have a balance of $346.85. This will take us to August 23, 2008. Now, doing the math... the advertised 'triple play bundle with no hidden fees' has so far cost us... 1) $546.85 for the time period of May 24th to August 24, 2008. 2) Time on the phone and getting cut-off... one representative indicated that I could take the equipment to the Comcast outlet and still owe the money.

    My calculations is that we are not paying the $99 a month, but even after getting credited it appears that if we average it out we are paying $182.28 a month... including the DVR ($8.95) and the additional receivers (five bucks each = $10.00). The phone modem ($3.00 monthly). So, I guess we resolved most of this this morning on the phone unless I was deceived again... live and learn buyer beware. I will find out on the next billing cycle I guess if what they say and what they print on the bill is the same.

    Sad thing is that we live in a very limited area where there are few options. The other shame is that we get half the channels that we used to get for less money (through ATT uverse which is not available in this area), and the channel line-up reception is poor. I hope the elderly couple down the street where I saw the Comcast installer the other day isn't getting ripped off by this company. I have a good history with Direct TV and ATT Uverse.

    I have never had this problem before with either of those companies. I see there have been a number of complaints against COMCAST. Anyone actually doing anything about this? They told me that it is general practice for them to send a bill for two months for new customers and they apologized verbally over the phone for not letting me know how much they were ready to bill us. One rep said they have a policy that lets customers know EXACTLY in advance how much their first bill will be. If we had known that amount, we sure would not have signed up for this service. What a rip-off.

  • Va
      7th of Oct, 2008
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    Unrelated to the storm- my cable (internet & tv) went out in August - it took them 5 days to get someone out to fix it. Funny thing was I could get the guide on tv but no pictures. The technician told me it was some sort of problem only on my line. I was promised a credit for the days I was without service over 2 months since the incident I am still trying to get the credit.

    Related to the storm - I called when I got power because my internet was out and my TV was doing the same thing as in August - guide but no picture. I suspect that whatever the tech did in August is broken again as my neighbors all had their services (comcast/at&t etc) running including one who told me his cable never went out even in the storm. I called comcast & they wouldn't come fix my service because there was an "outage in the area". Not sure what area they mean since it was just my house.

    Called a couple of days later & convinced the CS dept it was just my house - no other reports were coming in from my neighborhood. So service was scheduled - NO ONE SHOWED UP & NO ONE CALLED TO CANCEL. Service was rescheduled and ONCE AGAIN today no one showed up & no one canceled.

    Comcast is able to run their business like this because there is no other cable internet provider. Get this - I tried to cancel my service today but if I do they will only give me credit for the outage up until the 24th and they will bill me for service from the 24th til today - no matter that I still do not have service.

    I am trying to find out who I report this to - there has to be a federal or state agency that handles a business saying that they will charge you for services NOT received.

    I am posting this everywhere I can - we all need to report this to the state.

  • Di
      6th of Nov, 2008
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    I am having problems with unauthorized ppv x-rated movie charges to my bill which has been going on for months. Round and round we go. They tell me I am charging them 4, 5, 6 at a time. I can guarantee you that there is no one in my house charging them. I am the only one with the pin code. They insist it is me and that there is no possible way anyone can get into the box and use it without my permission (hacking in) and they tell me that I am the only one with the code number but yet they and every employee at Comcast can access my account see the code and change things and turn the box on and off remotely.

    I have gotten my best results from the office of the President at Comcast. Their information is:

    Comcast Communications
    1500 Market Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19102-2100

    Good Luck!

  • Jo
      26th of Sep, 2009
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  • Ba
      9th of Nov, 2009
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    I am having absolutely same problem!!! From the day I switched to triple play bundle, all of a sudden, I have started getting hundreds of dollars bill for Pay per view. I have been calling and calling them, but the stupid customer cares just keep on talking like a bird and say that the order can be placed only through the box and they never had this issue!!! So basically saying I am lying. I asked them to put code, then asked them to replace the box, nothing stopped, and the worst thing is now, I closed the cable and they took the box out, but I am still getting Bill of PPV and they still don't realize something is going terribly wrong!!! I am fade up with them and want to switch and cannot even do that because they won't close my account unless I pay the due, which is in two months almost $700.
    Which door should I Knock!!!

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