Coles Supermarkets / unethical staff behaviour

St Mary New South Wales, Australia Review updated:

I am a disabled pensioner eho identifies as transgender/intersex I complained about a manager named zach stirring up homophobia amongst staff and customers.

Early yesterday morning I had purchased items totalling $85.
When I asked for my free cook book I was charged for it and it was not deducted. Because Friday was stinking hot I deceided to go to coles on the Sat morning ubfortunately it had faded the reciept.

As I was waiting at the service desk a senior female employee approached the service desk from the shop sideputting a pair of thongs on the counter saying "$5 what a joke" as she was looking directly at me standing their eith a cookbook and its reciept sticking out She then stood behind Mary who dealt with my concern.

Mary keep saying that the amount had been deducted but she could not see it. I believe that this was spoken in a very condescending tone of voice, it also appeared to reinforce what the female boss had said earlier.

I am made feel very unwelcome in the st Marys store because of the behavuliour of a few staff members

Having tallied up my shopping list on the calculator the amount was different to that on the reciept.
When I asked for anothercopy of the reciept I was told no. This is not true as your competitor woolworths provides reciepts days later not just one day later.

As a disabled customer I was blatently lied to, ridiculed, humiliated and further traumatised by this incident.

This behaviour by coles employees breaches anti discrimination legislation and is not the first timr I have reported such behaviour.

Again I ask that a senior manager call me on monday the 16th to discuss and sucessfully resolve this matter before it is placed in the hands of the legal profession.

I am treated like any normal person at any other coles store i visit, except the one at st marys where certain staff including managers will ridicle, humiliate and treat me as a second class citizen because I do not conform to the binary norms of society

In summary I was overcharged for a product that was suppossedly for free when I went to get a r efund u was treated unfairly by staff wirth a comment intended to make me conform to the homophibicagenda that she was laying out

Jan 13, 2017
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