Coles Supermarketstreatment of employing staff

My son was recommended for an interview at coles by an employee who has worked at coles for Three years. He attended second round interviews where he turned up smartly dressed ready for an Interview he was told on meeting him he wasn't expected then told to take a seat.
After a while the boss come up to him and asked him what he was waiting for, he replied for an interview and they referred to him as a walk in, and they had forgotton they had asked him to take a seat.
During the interview they told him all places had gone but there were only places on registers which he was happy with, and given coles comes with a good reputation from employee who recommended him he was excited. He was told they would contact him for induction.
They sent through all online documentation and a congratulations on becoming an employee. He was then invited to attend induction which he did, they were then going to contact him for a training shift. This never happened until my son called them three weeks later to ask why he hadn't heard anything they then arranged a training shift which he attended on his birthday because he was very excited to be starting training,
Since this day he has had no further correspondence from coles not one word. He was paid for his three hours training but not paid for his induction day.
I'm very disappointed at the treatment of him and how this has been handled I know this is a casual position but being offered no work at all and no follow up is terrible and not being paid for induction. The company portrays its self as offering good working conditions and careers and I would have expected better treatment of a 16 year old who attended on recommendation of one of your employees.

Jan 09, 2017

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