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Incident happen at nowra coles 2541

I was in the baby section walking down towards the meat at the back of coles a lady approached me and asked me what i did with the moca milk i corrected her and sed it was a green dare then she accused me of stealing it i showed her my bag and told her the milk was in my mums trolly she didnt believe me and told me it was suss that my sunglasses where on and i told her that i had been upset all morning cus my daughter started her first day of kindy then she keeped saying she didnt believe me so i asked her wat her name was and she wouldnt tell me i tooked straight at her badge n told her i was going to the manager when i got upto the desk the staff where bloody rude and then i spoke to the manger and he was the same he asked me y she thought i took the drink i said i dont know go and ask her then all he had to say was oh im sorry ill have a talk with her im seriously not happy because it was embarressing and why would i take stuff when i can just pay for it i want to take it higher because its ridiculous and shameful that she put me in that category.
The ladies name was chris
My name is lauren i want someone to please do something about this

Feb 03, 2017

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