Coles Supermarketsservice

On January 12 My 21 year old daughter was refused service because she had an expired drivers licence by 3 days with a photo that is obviously her, but had a temporary licence from the RTA as well as student photo ID.
She was treated with some disrespect and when she stated she would now have to drive home to get me, was told"fine"!
When I arrived to purchase the wine I was told ."Nope you can't it might be for your daughter. When I explained that it was for me as well as my 21 yr old daughter, obviously I'm not going to drink it alone, I was told "Nope not going to serve you "
How ridiculous to refuse a 54 yr old, regular customer.
This young man with curly dark hair seemed to be enjoying humiliating me in front of other customers.
His attitude was over zealous and very rude.
We then had to drive again to another liquor shop where they happily accepted my daughters ID and served her. She told them of her experience at Coles which they found unacceptable, suggesting the young man felt powerful, bullying customers.
In the last 2 days my daughters ID licence was accepted by a Brisbane night club and an Airport, but not at Goonellabah for a lousy bottle of wine.
As a regular customer at liquorland, I have never been refused or humiliated by anyone previously
Our family have always been loyal Coles customers even when Dan Murphys came to our area.
You have just lost one family of customers by this man's behaviour

Jan 12, 2017

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