Coles Supermarkets / nestle choc mousse 124g (2tubs) standard fat pack

I have shopped at Coles southern river WA for past 2 years every week and among other things purchasing 4 x 2 pack Nestle Choc Mousse 124g (2tubs) per week. thank you

We have now moved back to our home in Woodvale and I have been visiting
Beldon Coles who until very recently stocked both low fat and standard fat packs

To my deep disappointment For some reason the Coles Dairy procurer orders only the low fat pack which I will not buy...

Coles may choose to stock according to their choice/demand
However if I cannot purchase the item of my choice I will cease to shop at coles.

Coles at Beldon WA is convenient to me, but so is the IGA at Woodvale,
IGA price is greater than Coles but at least I can get my item of choice.

I am sure I am not the only customer with this same complaints and respectfully suggest you re-think the stocking position ad let me
know assp
otherwise I shall not be making un-necessary trips to Beldon Coles

I may only spend $6000 pa at Coles
but thats for just me...but u get zilch when I cease visiting coles
I am sure you get the drift...

Mar 16, 2017

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