Coles SupermarketsI am complaining about being short change and and intimidated to leave the store without my money and the goods

Around 622 am Southgate Sylvania coles..cigarette section. I asked for 25 Rothman I gave her 50$ note she gave me ciggies with some few cents...I said sorry but I gave you 50$ she said and look in her registere claiming she's got 4 of 50$ start with..I couldn't believed this lady was saying this to me I also know how much I gave her and how much in my wallet by this time some Lady manager seems to be closed by while other Lady calling for security. I just can't believe what I was they intend to intermediate me by calling security without my 50$ nor the cigarette .? I just couldn't believe what was going on. Aventually I got my money back thrown at me in change instead of my original 50$ note. I've asked the lady earlier that gave me wrong change to check the camera and by now another Lady came up and asking me for my name to able to give my money back and that they can't check the camera if she has made this mistake. This kind of things makes people flip.. won't be long some people would really get hurt by this stupidity. ..even tried to intermediate me with their Security so I would just go away without my 50$. Are you kidding me what kind of staff you have working for you. And band me from the store because you short change me. Staff at Southgate coles. Are better than the bank robbers they take it from vunarable people like me..and being coloured skin. Racists! I will let all my people know to point out how much money you handing to them stupid on drugs staff at coles..or they will try and kick you out without anything at all including your money being from a different background.
FYI. I'm an Australian I was even in..A.D.F.
Smart Security coles have I must say..if he had touch me he would have lost his license and I could have broken his arm for free. Check the cameras .

Apr 27, 2017

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