Coles Supermarkets / customer service

29th march 12pm lunchtime
Went into my local coles where I shop all the time. With $10 silver coins $40 gold coins and a $50 note. I brought $75 in groceries. I went to pay in coins only to be told our policy does not allow us to take that much in coins we are not a bank. She asked two other staff members what the amount was. The supervisor then came along and she asked them as well. I was quite embarrassed as I was not aware of this policy. I did not see it displayed on any wall that I could see. The checkout person was very apologetic to the customer standing in line behind me in front of my face as if I was an inconvenience when all I wanted to do was pay for my groceries, money is money isn't it. It was not busy at all so I couldn't see that I was a big deal to count the coins. Coming from a customer service background I was very disappointed and angry in the service I received as they made a big deal about it in front of everyone. Is there such a policy? And should it be displayed where shoppers can see it. I felt like telling coles to keep there groceries and go somewhere else.

Mar 28, 2016

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