Coles Supermarkets / coles delivery, meat expires the same day as delivery!!

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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I was extremely disappointed to find out, that the chicken breat we purchased has expiry date 19.may which is TODAY - the day of delivery!!! This is a scandal! And it's not the first time- last delivery we got chicken with one day till expiry date!! And it was already smelly!! This is serious. Are you doing this in purpose, getting rid of old products, just sending them to people? I start to think this way and this means huge scandal all around the country!!! And meat, seriously? People can get sick. It's not a yogurt which can be eaten few days after expiry date.
Speaking of which, last time in Cleo's I saw a promotion of yogurts, 80%, for those of them which had expiry date the day after. 80%! And you sent us the meat THE SAME DAY AS EXPIRY DATE!!!
What are you going to do about this???? I want some SERIOUS compensation, otherwise I will go to the press and you'll be in big trouble.
Yes, I have a proof, I showed the meat to the driver! You can check it easily, delivery adress [removed] Sydney, delivery time around 12.15., 19/05/2017. Feel free to ask the driver. I took a picture, too.
Waiting for your reaction and compensation. (refund and free delivery for extended period of time) But also - talk with your employees, because this is really serious what's happening. As I said, it happened to me twice!
It was purchased from the account of my husband, [removed]

May 18, 2017

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