Coles Supermarketscheckout operator at coles woden act

To whom it may concern.

My name is norma zonneveld I live in the act.
On monday morning my son & I were shopping at coles woden act
After collecting our groceries we joined a queue to pay for them,
It was extremely busy at the time around 1.30pm therefore the queue’s were quite long
After being in a queue for about 20 minutes we were the next to be served.
As my disgust and amazement the male check out operator handed the lady whose purchases were being put though
A sign saying let us serve you at another register or something along those lines.

Seeing I had grandchildren to pick up after school I had no choice but to leave my groceries at the checkout
And leave.

It has been my experience when this happens the sign is given to the last person in the queue, not someone
Who’s been standing there for 20 minutes or more.

That being bad enough the purchases I had were on special, after I picked up the grandchildren from school
I called into coles at jamison macquarie act store only to find out they had run out of the items I wanted.

I know i’m just one in a million that shop there but I hope my message is passed on.

Yours sincerely
Norma zonneveld

May 15, 2017

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