Coles Supermarkets / bakery manager at coles oakleigh

Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia

I asked to a lady at the bakery dept this morning on 7th May 2017 to have a thicker slice on a loaf bread. The woman manager with the white shirt ( either Srilangkan / Pakistanese / Indian ) look REFUSED to do my request and she refered to the toast and sandwich breads that have been cut in the same thick slices. If the cut was thick on the toast bread, I would not ask for that help. But these cut ware thin on both type of breads. She said to the lady who wanted to serve me that the only thickest cut it can do. So, I did not buy the Coles bread instead. How dare she serve the customer like that ????. Chadstone Coles offers the same service to customer better than this woman does. I am very disappointed to that woman, I am Coles CUSTOMER . Apparently Coles has employed bad manager who give regular customer bad image to the store and I hope Coles will educate this woman more towards better customer service in the future. This was very very bad attitude toward customer. The score is ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE.!!!

May 6, 2017

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