Coles Lamb Stakes / food served are rotten on shelves

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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Phone: 0421792560

I bought some lamb stake on June 30th 2015 at 5.28p.m which was marked down. Opening the packet at home I found the meat in as state as shown in the picture. How can you people possibly serve meat like that. When approached the manager she said it is marked down. As an Occupational Health and Safety Officer I asked her where QA (Quality Control System) is. She argued that they have a system in place and it slipped through. (Mind you this the second time). If there is such system in place then why the rotten side is face down obstructed from views from everyday consumers. This matter will be reported to the Consumer Affairs.
The "Fresh Food People - alright"

Coles Lamb Stakes
Coles Lamb Stakes

Jun 30, 2015

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