Coles George |street Central, Sydney Nsw Store #0857 / bad, bad customer service

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Wednesday, 17th august. Today I went to buy a bbqd chicken & hot chips. Long queue. One staff member there to do it all. How can this be??? Then long wait at check out. Not acceptable at all. It just gets worse & worse.

Yesterday thursday, 18th august I also went to buy a bbq chicken & hot chips. Very quiet. A very obese man in a red shirt with glasses was serving other customers at another part of the counter down the far end. After finishing that transaction he just went back to cleaning another area & ignored me. I really had to yell at him to get any service. Late afternoon.

Why do I continue to deal with coles george street central you may so rightly ask??? Because it is close to where I work.

Aug 18, 2016

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