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Canada Review updated:

I have never hated a company like I despise Cogeco, and that includes Bell and Rogers. I put in for a "simple" seasonal disconnect, yet month after month after month, call after call after call, I am still connected and the money comes out of my account every month.

Calls, in which you are on hold endlessly, go nowhere. Every single one "swears" this will be taken care of. I get their names, their bag numbers ... all to no avail. It does not matter.

I have literally lost hours of my life to Cogeco, and the company could give a hoot. I'm forced to stay with them due to our location and have been a customer for 10 years. It's customer "service" has NEVER improved - in a decade! It's beyond terrible.

If you have ANY CHOICE go elsewhere, don't get sucked into the hell of Cogeco.

Dec 21, 2018
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