Cogecomy cable internet service/billing

COGECO. Cable internet and phone service.
I had a contract it ended. I phoned for another offer Cogeco said they would keep same amount of I would do a contract for a year. I happily accepted. Expecting to pay same amount as previously re terms of contract had a balance of over $55.00 owing called was on hold for over 25 mins then talked to someone and then call was over 50 mins then transferred and call has now been over 1hour 20 mins and still waiting as I type this. Who knows where it will go from here. The contract they offered was suppose to be same amount as my previous contract if I agreed to a 1 year contract instead of 6 months. Now I get this balance of over 55.00 when I already paid my usual bill. I should have never agreed to another contract with this comoany. And if it doesn't turn out well I will be cancelling my Cogeco and I have been a customer for years. And I have had to call about issues before but this is just not right at all. Waiting to speak to someone is always terrible. Still on the phone and it's 1 hour 36 mins and counting. Very frustrated transferred again to cancel service. They say because billing date has changed I owe balance of 55.00 and change. All I know is on first week of May I paid my normal amount and now same month I owe another 55.00 because of billing well for me that is two payments in 1 month. Over 133.00 instead of my normal 77.86. and then I will get my next bill for normal amount but still because of billing date change it ends up being 77.86 + 55.00. that's how they can get extra money in 1 month from you. And they did this last year two they say change billing date and in 1 month you end up paying alot more because 2 payments come out of your bank account one first week of month then another 20th of month. Still waiting to cancel now 1 hour 54 mins prob will be here for awhile yet. WORSE COMPANY EVER.

May 30, 2018

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