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Oakville, ON, Canada
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We recently reported an outage to our internet, we were promised there would be a service technician the next day and we had to be home from 8-4, after 4pm the next day no service rep had come we called only to be told someone had moved the appointment to the following day -No notice to us who were waiting ALL day, then they came the following day which was a Friday - of course they came Friday afternoon only to tell us that it was not in the house but 150 feet down the road and it would take 2 guys to fix it - they would come back next Tuesday but since they did not need to come into the house no one needed to be sitting at home all day. Tuesday arrives and we come home to find a cable on the ground leading up to our house - not attached. No Note or phone call to explain, we again call only to find out the technicians decided it was too windy for them to install the cable and they would come back another time - No one could tell us when that might be. At this time we've been without internet for 8 days going on 9. Wednesday comes and we get smart enough to call first thing in the morning to see if someone is coming - ther service rep says NO according to her computer the issue had been resolved!!! After clarifying that NO the problem was NOT resolved they said they would send someone out. Finally it got fixed. We've been told we will get a credit for 8 days we did not have internet but it may not happen for the next bill or the bill after that...can anything they tell you be trusted!! (no credit for the overages in our mobile data usage during the outage)

Nov 22, 2017

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