Cogecocustomer service and paperless billing

As the only provider available for my family member in a nursing home, I am extremely unhappy with the billing and customer service for Cogeco. Since January, I have heard that Cogeco is changing it's billing, so since April I haven't received a bill! That's not as great as it sounds because they added interest on the last bill for their delay! Then the special rate that is used for the nursing home (as it's a bulk service), has apparently not been applied under this new billing system. Although, I can 't see that because there's been no new bill! Every time I call, I am placed on hold for no less that 45 minutes, only to be told, "I can't help you - you'll have to wait for another department". The WORST SERVICE EVER. I would have canceled months ago except there is no other choice for these seniors.

Jul 27, 2018

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