Cogecoblocking ports for house security extremely slow speed after closing hours

Cogeco is blocking ports that are used for house security. I caught them a year ago doing so and told them I'd file with crtc. Next day ports were open. Well a year later these ports are blocked again. Cogeco tech team has been left with several requests over 6 weeks and not return call. Although 2 days after first complaint isp speeds went from 30GB SPEEDS TO 3GB or NO INTERNET AT ALL from cogecos tech support closing hours until they reopen tech support in morning every night since than. Also i have logs, tests and video recordings of this every night. After several weeks of tests and logs as well as a little over $500 in an outside source a new modem and router changed all cable line inside and out still nothing zero help from cogeco. The 2 times I got a real person both put me on hold to see what can be done. Only to be put back to main service because they didn't want to look into issue. Of course from there I can't get back to a tech real person. When I call cogeco service they just keep telling me to make another request for resolve. That'll be the 9nth request in almost 2 months for cogeco illegally blocking ports.

Jan 28, 2015

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