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Coast Dental Services / billing, ft. myers office, gary aspinwall

1 Fort Myers, FL, United States

On January 22, 2018 I had an appointment in your office to have a crown which had come loose examined and hopefully re-cemented. After the dental tech took several x-rays, Dr. Aspinwall cemented the crown back into place. After the procedure was completed he looked at my x-rays and asked if I had any other issues or complaints. I responded by saying I had one tooth with a sharp edge and wondered if he good smooth it off a little, which he did. Dr. Aspinwall then said that one of my crowns looked like it needed some attention, that in his opinion, it would probably crack before too much longer and if I chose to have it repaired it would eliminate the chance of it cracking and me losing the tooth all together.
I asked what the cost would be and the dental assistant asked what kind of crown I wanted? I said the cheapest one, no one can see it anyway! She said she would call and find out if my insurance would cover it and tell me how much my out of pocket would be. Upon returning, she said "great news, it's covered, and your co-pay is 125.00". I said that's great, I'll make an appointment, at which time I learned the office just had a cancellation and you could do it now!
After removing the crown, taking new molds, making a temporary tooth, I paid 195.00, which was my 125.00 deductible and I assume the cost for x-rays and re-cementing the tooth I originally came into the office to get fixed.
About two or three weeks later, the crown was ready to be installed and I returned to have it glued in which was done without any problems. After the tooth was installed, I was asked if I still wanted my teeth cleaned which I had inquired about on my previous visit. I said yes, and I made an appointment on March 16, 2018.
When I came into get my teeth cleaned I was told I needed a deep cleaning and my cost was 120.00, and it wasn't covered by my insurance? plus if I wanted some kind of special irrigation it would be an additional chargeā€¦.. All I wanted was a normal cleaning, but I agreed to the $120.00 without the irrigation rinse upcharge.
When I was ready to leave the office and pay for the services, your office manager told me I owed additional $315.00, I said for what? She said my insurance didn't cover the crown! I said what! I was told my cost would be $125.00, she said well, I'm sorry, the type of insurance you have didn't cover it. I said, then we have a problem, because I wouldn't have had it done if it wasn't covered. She told me to call my insurance company which I did.
Delta told me my crown was covered, but the crown I chose was a more expensive crown than what is covered under my policy. When I asked if getting my teeth cleaned is covered, they said yes, twice a year and my co-pay is 15.00.
I called your office and left a message with my name and number to discuss this situation, but no one has called me back?
The bottom line is this, I was mis-informed about what my cost would be and now I'm being asked to pay another $315.00. I like Dr. Aspinwall, but let's be real about what really happened here. I've already paid your office a total of $315.00 for 3 procedures (re-cement, crown replacement and cleaning). I want to do the right thing, but I don't know what would be fair. It's in everyone's best interest to get this resolved, but asking me to pay another $315.00 is not the right answer, you need to take responsibility for not providing me with accurate information for which I totally based my expense decisions.

Jun 15, 2018

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