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United States

Placed an order for the purse above for my mother's 70th birthday. Confirmation / order [protected]. This was done on Oct 16, 2017. Check my emails and waited for my mother to call on her birthday Oct 26, 2017. No call from mom. So, I went to check status and it stated cancelled. Customer service cannot explain what happened. Ruined my surprise, you only turn 70 years old once.

Why did the customer not receive any notification. Per customer service a notification should have been sent on Oct 17 via email. No such event occurred all mailboxes have been verified. Also, something of this nature a call to the purchaser would be the proper thing to do.

The customer service agent was polite; yet, offered nothing. I am a long time consumer of coach and easily have spent well over $12, 000 on Coach products as gifts. One simple fail and no customer recovery offer has placed me in a position to no longer be a consumer of coach. I will be making major purchases for purses for the women in my life this Christmas and surely this will be in the range of $1500 to $2, 000. It will not be with Coach this Christmas.

Since I am a Director myself and expect the highest level of customer service for my employees. This would never be tolerated by me personally by my organization to not compensate the consumer for my organization's error. The customer is not always right; but, the customer is the customer and I do not want my long-term consumer, or any consumer, to go to my competitor and would have taken accountability that we failed the consumer.

Oct 27, 2017

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