Clicks Retailers / the clicks pharmacy staff at the blue route mall branch

Cape Town, Tokai, South Africa
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Date: Saturday 14th October 2017
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I would like to start this mail by saying that I am a huge Clicks supporter and I often purchase goods from various stores. Service is generally good and stores always have what I am looking for. That is why I am feeling that I have to inform you about my experience on Saturday.

I was standing in the pharmacy queue on Saturday morning and had a script for medication from the clicks pharmacy as Clicks is my designated pharmacy according to my Medical aid. I am 7 months pregnant and was given the script for use during my pregnancy. The store was busy and the lines were long so I patiently waited in the queue to be served.

When I reached the front of the queue I had to sit down as I waited for a while to get to the front and service was very slow. As I approached the till to be served the lady at the counter walks away without explaining that she is also serving someone else at the drop-off and collection counter.

I waited another 5 minutes while every other till was being served, even people behind me that were called forward to be served while simply ignoring me as I waited to be served. I had to ask one of the ladies behind the counter if I was ever going to be served and then it was explained that the appointed pharmacist was signing off medication.

When this appointed pharmacist walked pass the counter while constantly ignoring me, I asked her if she could please serve me. She turned around and said that she was busy and I just had to wait. At this point I felt ignored, humiliated and frustrated at the poor service and communication from the Clicks staff.

I walked out of the store and was utterly disappointed in the experience I had. I went to get my medication from Dischem and from now onward I will use Dischem as my designated pharmacy instead of Clicks.

I seriously hope that the Blue Route mall staff will adjust their attitudes and remember that they are there to do their jobs and be pleasant and fair to all customers.

I am a very disappointed customer

Oct 16, 2017

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