Clicks Retailers / poor service and negligence

Cnr Steve Biko and Stanza Bopape, Arcadia, South Africa

Good day.

I went to buy medication (YAZ) and they billed me and the medical aid paid but it was out of stock. Azaria from sancardia branch billed me without giving me a product and when I go to claim my product, he told me that I have no right to claim for something I didn't pay for even after I provided him with a proof of payment from my medical aid. Now my wife is out of schedule because she can't buy yaz at other pharmacy hence she already purchased. That will mess up her entire ovulation circle. I am very dissatisfied and disappointed for the poor service of Azaria and I will publicly do my best to make sure that clicks loose a faithful client or two. It will be my mission. Ask FNB.

Feb 8, 2019

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