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Pretoria Arcadia, South Africa
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I visited Suncardia Clicks today and stood in the Self Medication queue. I was the only person in the queue with a few clients in the Prescriptions queue. All the Pharmacists were busy with clients so I was waiting to be called next. When a till opened the lady called someone from the Prescriptions queue although I was standing right in front of her the entire time. I sked her what about the Self Medications queue and she said she does not know and ignored me further. I walked away asking for the manager. The Manager of the store apologized and said there is only one queue seeing that there is only 2 Pharmacists on duty. I asked that they then just indicate this as there is now sign or way that I could have known this. Then a guy from behind the counter shouted at me that it is people like me that creates confusion. If I have looked I would have seen there is only one queue. I told him that I saw it but I assumed it was all people waiting for prescriptions. He said that customers don't now what they want they stand wherever they want and now I'm just making a scene (which I was not...I was just enquiring.) Why did the lady who saw me standing there the entire time not just indicate to me that they are using only one queue? She just ignored me as if I'm not even there and called the client form the other side. I again waited in the queue and when the lady in front of the counter was finished the lady behind the counter just walked away leaving her counter open. This was I assume just to show me that she will not help me anyway. I then saw that the guy that was shouting at me from the back had a name plate on and was a Mr. Nkuna (The Pharmacy Manager.) This is truly very disappointing. I work in the same building and have heard many complaints about the pharmacy personnel - this was however the first time I have ever seen such bad behavior towards clients. Clicks Pharmacy will not see me again. I will rather go to van Heerden's Pharmacy even if I have to pay more. At least they make me feel valued.

Sep 21, 2018

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