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I had the same thing happen to me. Except, I signed on for a one-time only fee that would expire in 3 months. It did expire...almost a year ago. Now, months later they charged me $39. I called classmates customer care # [protected]. I spoke to a guy who has obviously gone through the same old shpeel at least a hundred times. He refused to refund my money. I threatened to call the Better Business Bureau and he still refused. I finally asked to speak to his supervisor. The same guy came on the line shortly afterward and said he could do me a favor and exchange the $39 membership to a $9.95 membership. I said absolutely not. He finally agreed to make this exclusive exception just this once. They said they will reverse the charges. I then instructed him to delete any credit card information they have on file for me. He said he would do that, too. WE WILL SEE...if I don't see a refund within 10 days, I will dispute the charge with my credit card company. CLASSMATES.COM SUCKS!!!


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      Sep 04, 2009

    They did the same thing to me!!! I signed up for a manual renewal, meaning I would have to intitiate the payment but they continue to charge me. When I complained they said I was signed up for automatic renewal. They completely lied and scammed me out of my money, refusing to refund my money for this whole year even though the charge just happened two weeks ago.

    When I called my credit card company they were already aware of the scam was running and said they get calls about them ALL OF THE TIME!!! How do we shut them down??????????????

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