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We were looking for a replacement for our 2 year old sectional that was falling apart on us (another story) and stopped by City Furniture to see what they had.We found a sectional (Mercer) that we liked but were concerned that the cushions on it seemed to be flattening out and losing some of their support.

The salesman that was assisting us told us that it was due to it being a floor display and it was subject to more use than what it would get in a persons home. He then told us that we should just purchase City Furnitures warranty and that if it were to happen to us that they would send someone out to fix it and that if it couldn't be fixed they would replace it. We still had other stores to check out so we left without purchasing it that day. A week or so later we decided to buy the couch but went to a different location to make our purchase.

We made sure to buy the warranty per the previous salespersons suggestion just in case. Within 4 months of use the seat cushions started to break down and the entire sectional squeaked when you sat down or got up. Good thing we bought the warranty right? Wrong!

Customer service asked me to submit photos of the flattening cushions and that they would get back to me. Several weeks later (and after calling several times) they scheduled a repair person to come out and take a look at the sectional. He took photos, noted the squeaking and pointed out that the cushions are nothing more than springs with thing foam batting on top. He said that he would submit everything to City Furniture's warranty department and that everything should be covered and they would be in touch to set up a time for repairs or to replace it, .

When he returned we were told that he was to fix the squeaking but that the flattening of the cushions on our less than 1 year old sectional was considered normal wear and tear?. I couldn't believe it but figured there was no point in "shooting the messenger" and decided I would take it up with customer service:. The technician spent several hours reinforcing the entire frame on one piece of the sectional but never touched the chaise section which still was squeaking". Again I had to call customer service & again I had to spend weeks calling them to followup as my calls were never returned by the initial representative that was handling our claim|.

I was told by 3 different people, on 3 separate occasions that our representative was "on another call" & that they would email him to return my call'. They also noted that they could see in our records that the "manager" had been emailed about our issues and that they were waiting to hear back from him?. Finally, on my 4th call I was able to get a hold of someone who actually wanted to help rather than pass the buck:. He scheduled another technician to come out from a different company to repair the chaise but...they still consider the cushions normal wear and tear.

I have been lied to, ripped off & sold a sectional (that even the repair guy(s) implied is not of the highest quality) & a warranty that is worthless & doesn't cover what I was told it would. City Furniture's response..."I'm sorry but the salesperson shouldn't have told you that our service plan would cover the cushions breaking down". Our warranty only covers service, stains, tears, squeaks, etc.. I will never...ever buy another thing from this store or recommend that anyone else does.

The salespeople will say whatever it takes to make a sale and once you take are stuck...service plan or not.

Their customer service is quick to say that a sectional that sees minimal use that has flattening cushions is normal & that "They're sorry" They & their salespeople know that their furniture is junk which is why the company does not stand behind it.So I'm stuck with a sectional, with sagging cushions & springs that poke you but doesn't squeak anymore

City Furniture

Feb 27, 2013

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