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Citimortgage Home Loan / payoff, prepayment penalty, interest

1 8033 Pinewood DriveMeridian, MS, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 601-681-6339

Citimortgage is run by a bunch of ignorant idiots and scam artists. I had a 5 year ARM loan. In February I sold the property before the 5 years was up and in my original papers I do not have to pay a prepayment penalty because I sold the property instead of refinancing. Two weeks before the closing I started calling the customer service number about the payoff amount and the prepayment penalty. They said that if I sent them a sale contract that they would FAX me a payoff statement stating the payoff without the prepayment penalty. After a week and a half and talking to about 8 different people, most of whom I could barely understand because their accent was so thick, I was told they hadn't received my FAXs. The first person I talked to gave me a FAX number but 4 days later I was told the previous FAX was wrong and I got another FAX number. Then 4 days after that by still another person I was told that FAX # was also wrong and that the first FAX # was right. By then it was the week of the closing and I needed a payoff statement. I finally got the payoff statement but it had the prepayment penalty on it and I was not supposed to be paying that $2000 plus. I was frustrated and just mad by then so the supervisor told me she would call the lawyers office and tell them it was okay to subtract the prepayment penalty from the payoff. The lawyers were hesitant to do this because they wanted something in writing but they did as the supervisor said and we had the closing and they sent Citimortgage a check minus the prepayment penalty. Nearly 3 weeks later the lawyers office got the check back because Citimortgage said the prepayment penalty wasn't on it. Of course, Citimortgage didn't know who the female supervisor was (my fault because I didn't get her name, I DO now). They finally said they would drop the prepayment penalty but I had to pay interest because I hadn't sent in the sales contract before the closing, and the interest was adding up every day since the closing. But I had FAXed in the contract twice the week before the closing but they wanted proof that I had. Where I am now is I have found proof that the contract was FAXed to them the week before the closing, like I said, and I am trying to get someone on the phone that can help me get this settled (although I don't think anyone there has the sense to do this and the ones that do are just trying to steal my money.) We have done everything those thieves have told us to do but this still isn't solved. Every single person I talked to told me something different including the supervisors. I am probably going to have to end up paying the interest and I am NOT going to be happy but what else can I do!

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