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CitiMortgage / inaccurate information given regarding insurance check reimbursement

1 Hayesville, NC, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 706-781-9959

We received an insurance check for water damage to our home. The check was made out to us, and to citimortgage. I called to find out the protocol for handling the check. I was told to endorse the check, send it along with a letter stating that it was for water damage, and what I wanted done with the check. I chose to have the check applied to our payment. I also sent a personal check to go with the insurance check. Two nights ago I was called stating they were sending the checks back to me.
I spent the next several hours talking to 10 different people, receiving a variety of stories from them, including, we have sent your personal check to the mortgage payment department, we are not endorsing the insurance check, and sending it back to you, we are sending both checks back to you, you need to have other documents to go along with the insurance check. Not one person listened to what I had to say. They continued to repeat the same stuff, totally disregarding the fact that I was not given all the information their computer said I was given. That is why I called in the first place, was to get the proper information to send along with the check. Now our mortgage payment is late, and the checks are in the mail to me. All they had to do was to forward the checks to the mortgage department. They created all sorts of drama attempting to seem like they were doing something. Not one person took this issue and handled it. If I could get my loan away from citimortgage I would. We recently refinanced our home, and our note was sold to them. No personal relationship, which we do have with our local banker. It is a sad state of affairs when companies like citimortgage waste my time, not to mention the time of the company, in handling simple transactions. We repaired the damage with our own money, because if we had waited for the insurance check our entire home would be covered in mold. The lack of caring customer service is appauling to me.

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  • Je
      6th of Mar, 2011
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    I been haveing the same thing happen to me ever month my payment is not the same one time its 656 and the next time 395 and then to 576 how am i to no what to pay with all this going on my x is sueing my for not make payments in the last 8 month i have sent them ovwer 12, 689.32 and my pay ments are to be 491.4 per month how did this happen to and lke you i call aand ever time they put some one eles on the phone then they say we are sorry the office hours are over call back this been going on from 2009 and like a dam [censor] i call ever week 2 time at 8am and get cut off at 5pm but not giveing up i think we all need to get a letter to the wight house he came up with this [censor] let him deal with it my self i have put 45 letters in and just hope ever one eles dose the same the more he gets he will have to do something about it or he will no there no changes for him next year we just have to all get toghter and do this just make a copy of the letter and of some of the things u can send in to hime and ever week mail it out any that is what i been doing and i have got some goood feed back on it we just have to get together and do this and we will win this thank you i hope u can get on the boat with us you can get aa hold of me [protected] we can bet this...

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