Citimorgagepay off included late charges when I was told by the department while in bankrupsy I would not be charged late fees

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This company held my mortgage to 11 years, & I am proud to say never once was I late with my payments. March 2008 I had to file bankrupsy but my home was not listed, but was listed as an asscess . March 2009 I notified the mortgage company bankrupsy department at citimortgage that due to slow work I was going to be late with my payment, and was told by the staff that was taking my call "while you are in bankrupsy you are not charged late charges", I was pleased, but to my saddnes with the payoff made June 2009 from the sell of the home I had been charged late fees.


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      Jan 28, 2009
    Citimorgage - Bad check
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    I replaced a cunstomers roof due to storm damage. The home owners insurance paid to replace the entire roof approx. $15, 000.00.
    The fhome owners insurance compny issued a 2 party check with his name and also Citimortgage's name. It took at least 3 weekd for the the mortgage company to send the check back to the home owner. Then the home gave me a 2 party check issued to him and in my company's name. I deposited the check on the 9th of the month and on the 14th the check was returned UNPAYABLE!!! It is now the 28th of the month and the check has been sent back kto my bank for the second time unpayable.

    And the new excuse is that the insurance company's check is bad. <<<<<<< I really doubt that!!!

    And this company wanted to buy $40, 000, 000.00!!!


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      Jan 28, 2009

    SHOW ME THE $$$$$$$$$$$

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      Aug 23, 2012
    Citimorgage - default
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    I am so upset, the way citmortgage has handled my loan, #[protected]-2. I have been working hard as a single mother with 2 daughters in college to pay my loan every month. This past May my taxes went up without my knowledge, who would have thought with most homes under water that there could actually be an increase. I travel for work and pay bills online, when I finally got the notice it came from UPS that my loan was in default. Wanting to lower my interest rate and get the PMI insurance off, I am not able to do this because it looks like I was late, when in actuality you were holding my payment of $1, 500. I always made more than than the actual payment, and not applying the money. Your staff of managers that take calls, a Chris #23339 extremely rude and insensitive to my issue. For the amount of $259.00 that was increased or owed I am no longer able to refinance. For those of us that sacrifice each month to pay our bills, it is companies like you that continue to gouge for every dollar.
    My history will reflect that payments have always been made and never late until the tax increase. I am asking you and your company to please take this default or deragatory implication off my record so that I am able to refinance this loan.
    I will send my letter to everyone, especially the television stations that want to say there is help for people that pay their bills.

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