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Citifinancial / Worst company I've ever dealt with

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CitiFinancial has been so rude to me and is the worst company I've ever dealt with!! I was in a car accident in April of '08... I am now going into 3months of being without a car b/c of them. I have called everyday to make sure they got the insurance check, gap check, and then the balance due after that b/c I had a deferred payment that they assured me would not mess up my account if I took that option... don't believe that one!! They are saying my account is passed due for 2 months and that I needed to pay it because it was being reported to the credit bureau... They told me in an earlier conversation that during the time insurance and everything that it would not be reported. My question is, why when you are getting paid from insurance and gap would I continue to make payments during this time?? Then you would just have 2 or 3 extra payments from me that you are doing what with?? SCAM ARTISTS!! But everytime I talk to them I can never get a straight answer. They give me the run around and then people they have in their customer service dept. are the poorest excuse for human beings that I've ever had to deal with. They argued with me and told that I was not listening to them, they are extremely rude, in the middle of me trying to ask them a question they just put me on hold w/o any notice, I asked to speak to a manager and she was an ever bigger... fill in the blank... I told her that if she would let me ask my question without being put on hold or INTERRUPTED (which they are infamous for doing) then maybe I wouldn't get so upset. The woman told me that I was stubborn and needed to be quiet and listen to her... Dealing with them has been the worst nightmare I've ever had to deal with. Poor customer service, poor communication, poor management,... the list goes on. There is not one even remotely good thing I could say about them!!

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  • Bu
      2nd of Jul, 2008
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    They’re Saudi Owned. What do you expect? I paid them off and went American. As should any good US Citizen.

  • Va
      25th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    Yes, indeed they are some Rude, Nasty, DisRecpectful, human beings. Can we even call them humans? I am facing an issue with citi fi auto. And the Representatives, Team Leaders, Managers, Supervisors are terrible people to deal with. And the thing I hate the most, that they show their ... because they are on the phone, and cause you live in another state. And they know they can get away with talking to people how they fill because no one is checking up on their people skills. They record us for so called Quality assurance purpose, but no one actually check those things and to to the rep. that's being so Nasty. I think it is time that Ms. Mary McDowell Ceo/ President of citi financial Auto do some investigations, a clean house. Clean House.

  • Au
      3rd of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I too have been having serious problems with Citifinancialauto My payment is 358.44 a month out of that 261.60 is applied to interest! My car I bought from toyota in muscle shoals alabama. while the rep @ toyota was very nice. This loan company is so horrible that I am recommending that ppl do not buy from toyota or use citi either. I have recently lost my job and i was told by a rep that i could get a refigure on my pymts to make them lower. Now they tell me that I don't qualifiy I had another rep tell me that I had to be behind 3 pymts before they would refigure pymts. They tell you they don't want to reposses the car that's up to me weather i default or not. They have agent #'s but don't want to give them to you over the phone. Ask for a supervisor they put you on hold for 10 min often ending with a disconnect. Lucky my mother is willing to help but it's only because my father just died that she has the money. I do not recommend citi to anyone. the phone system is impossible to navigate. so i put in my info and them press 0 three times to get to rep. who then gives a line of b.s. and transfer me to 'another dept" which has no label. Good luck with dealing with this lot of babbling idiots and their management.

  • Ji
      29th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    It is the worst company in the world to do business with.. Besides the incredible amount of interest that they charge, they will not reconsider a lower finance charge even if you have been perfect on payments for two years... @#$%!!! So to citifinance.. GO TO HELL!!! All out there, Stay away from them please!!!

  • Ra
      19th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    You know i Just got done dealing with someone who cant even speak english. I couldnt believe it when the person on the phone couldnt get me to a person who spoke english because they are not located in the US. I am outraged, I am so pissed off. Companies like this shouldnt be allowed to do business in the united states. Its companies like this that have helped flush this country down the toilet. As soon as I can I am paying them off and when I do buy another car I will make sure i do business with an american company. Problem is do they even exist anymore?

  • Ry
      15th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    Recently may account was behind..Most recently by a whopping $35.00, They continued to call me three to 5 times a day. I have asked them to stop calling, I informed them that it would be taken care of the next week (this was on a friday). Yet the continued to call upto 5 times a day. I have gotten to the point of cursing them out which they usually hung up on me. On person said not to talk to them that way and it was harrasment the way I was talking, I asked the if the tought it was harrassment the way they call me so much and she didn't seem to think so. I have found one way to get them off the phone pretty quick. I have started to record all of their phone calls. I informed them that I WAS recording the call and they say that they are not authorized to speak to me if I was recording the call and asked me to stop. I said if you record my calls I have the right to record yours. I received 2 more calls and informed both people that I was recording them and after that the calls have stopped. Just a suggestion. I have no house line, just my cell phone and most cell phones have the ability to record. Mine even beeps every minute to back up my claim of recording them. When I sent in my bill I included a not that I will no longer accept phone calls and all coorispondance will be handled though the mail and any more phone call will be considdered harrassment.

    Good luck, these people a greedy self centered [censored]

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