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I financed a car through Citifinancial Auto in May 2007. My account was charged a late fee every single month for over a year no matter when the payment was made. They did not apply a payment to my account and I was charged more late fees even though I sent then a copy of the cancelled check 4 times. The charges were never refunded. It took them 7 months to correct that error. I received threatening and harassing phone calls, including being cussed and called a liar numerous times. They never applied anything to the principal of the loan for over 1 yr. The loan was then sold to Santander Consumer USA and I was told by a customer service agent in Jamaica that I was paying all that in interest because I delayed 3 payments. Which means I paid over $5, 000 extra in interest to delay them. They have not helped at all to resolve issues when I have made 56 of the 60 payments.

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  • Je
      21st of Aug, 2007
    Citifinancial Auto - They break the law in collections
    United States

    They have broken the law numerous times in collecting on this persons vehicle loan. You can see more about it here:

    Basically they used automated dialers to leave messages on these peoples cellphone. This is highly illegal.

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  • Th
      17th of Jun, 2008

    If you provided a cell number to them, then it is not illegal to attempt to contact you at that number. The only way for them to have that number would have been for you to have given it to them and with that comes your "implied consent" for it to be utilized. Sorry.

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  • Ro
      12th of Nov, 2008
    Citifinancial Auto - FDCPA
    United States
    Phone: 773-671-8029


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  • Xr
      6th of Feb, 2009

    Hey Theresa are wrong. Cell phones do not fall under that "implied consent" when it comes to autodialers... Sorry.

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  • Mo
      29th of May, 2009

    I have a similar problem, after already losing my home to foreclosure and finally getting another job, then losing it after 6 mos (because my supervisor hates Americans) I finally ran out of money and after being only 7 days late the calls started. I explained that I lost my job so as soon as I get another one I'll be making a payment, well thankfully the tax refund came in so I was able to make my payments for 3 more months, now I'm broke again and still out of work and the calls still come, I even got one call at 8:30 pm and again at 9 am the next morning. One CS rep even had the nerve to tell me, "come on walmart, mcdonald and others are hiring, get off your butt and get a job and pay your bill" I told her I beg to differ, I have a college education and they already told me that I'm too qualified. I even told them that if I knew I still wouldn't have a job by now that I never would have sent in the tax return for the bill, they would have repoed my Durango but at least we would have so money to live on.

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  • Th
      5th of Sep, 2009
    Citifinancial Auto - interest
    citifinancial auto
    United States

    Boy, did I ever make a huge mistake, taking a loan form Citifinacial, bought a car two years ago, for about 10, 000 which was over price anyways, but after two years of 259.00 a month payments, my loan is still at 9, 920.00, which means I pay about 80 dollars towards the loan and 6, 060 in interest. talk about loan sharking...time to file bankruptcy...last payment 1.87 went to the this rate the car will cost me 100, 000.00

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  • Ci
      29th of Sep, 2009
    Citifinancial Auto - Bad faith
    Citifinancial Auto
    United States

    I am looking for people that have had loans through Citifinancial Auto and have had serious problems, legal problems, outright abuse and/or bad faith dealings due to this organization's conduct, these problems should be verifiable.
    Please contact me at [protected]

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  • Sl
      30th of Sep, 2009

    Citifinancial Auto is the worst company to ever finance a car with! After dealing with them in 1998 where they were trying to make me pay another year on a contract that was already paid for, all it took was a letter from my attorney threatening a law suit, my husband went against the advice I had given him and purchased a truck with Citifinancial Auto as the finance company. Boy he is regretting it now! His car loan was paid off on May 8, 2009 but a couple of weeks after the payment, he received a letter saying that he still owed $4000.00 more on his contract due to late fees. He requested a copy of all payments that posted to his account, and he is still waiting. In the meantime he was sent an extension to his contract which he signed and faxed over 7 times, of course they still haven't received it. Needless to say, on Sept. 7 they insisted they received the fax and everything was fine. On Sept. 27 they repossessed the vehicle at 1 am, I am sure it was because he could produce a contract and the repo man couldn't have taken it. And there had been 2 payments made on the new contract, but of course they received those, just not the faxes, kind of convienant for them. Now he must pay $4000.oo to get the truck back and god knows how much to the wrecker service . But this time he is not going to let Citifinancial Auto get away with it, he is obtaining legal counsel, if anything they can make Citifinancial Auto pay all legal fees, money due that wasn't owed to them and the wrecker fees. The strange thing is, these attorney's jumped at this on contingency, said there was so much that was done illegally by Citifinancial Auto and they were glad finally someone was going to fight back.

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  • An
      6th of Oct, 2009

    i hope alot of people respond to this, this company needs to answer for their awful customer service!

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  • Ml
      1st of Dec, 2009

    I have yet to hear anything positive about Citifinancial Auto. I have read thousands of complaints and financial nightmares similar to mine with this company. THEY ARE CRIMINALS! I cannot believe they are still in business.

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  • Tx
      11th of Feb, 2010

    I am being sued, possible wage garnishment by Citifinacial Auto- I fell behind on payments and they placed me on a deferral (after onths or the run around whether Iwas approved or not) they lowered my payments to a little more than half - the second payment I called and was unsure of the amount as my paperwork stated one amount and the amount they quoted on the phone was less. The lady on the phone said she would make a note and I made the payment - 3 weeks later they said I defaulted on my agreement and they were repossessing my car - I offered to pay the $30 difference plus an early payment, they didn't want my money - they wanted either $6000 or my car- This was right before the bailout- I believe they were trying to force the default of loans in order to secure more bailout money- if anyone has any leagl advice I have until next friday to come up with resolution or they are placing a judgement on me and garnishing my wages - help! I don't have the money they want which is $30000, they stole my car - I had the money to pay them - I need to prove these guys are crooks!!! - [protected]

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  • St
      27th of Feb, 2010

    This company is assisting Alqueada to cripple the American public right under our government's nose.

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  • Fr
      5th of Mar, 2010

    I wholeheartedly agree...they are the biggest ripoffs. I have been paying on my car for 4 years now and only paid $5, 000 total. I was a fool to even go to them...but when you have credit issues sometimes it's our only alternative. Never again!!!

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  • Bo
      8th of Mar, 2010

    you all know that this bank was givin federal bailout money dont thing to do is as a taxpayer we need to be sending our Capitol congressman and senators whats been written here and file a petitiion to demand the government rescind the loan to them to bil them out...we taxpayers paid to bail these jokers out..and now they are scamming the very ones that gave them forgiveness...Im ready to band together...also we need to demand public media coverage for this operation...its the only way to beat them..

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  • Co
      9th of Jul, 2010

    I am currently having issues with Citifinancial myself, that's what got me here. I have been paying $400 a month on my vehicle for the last 2 and a half years & they say I still owe them $15, 714. I could go to an individual & buy this same truck for proly about $9, 000. It's absolutely ridiculous how much I'm paying for this vehicle. Not only that, lately I've been having financial difficulties so I called them (I called them because they keep sending me letters saying that if I'm having trouble making my payments that they can help) to try to get my payments lowered & they wanted me to fax them a bunch of stuff so I did, then I had to call them back to check on the status & they said they haven't reached a conclusion, for me to call back, so I did & they kept telling me this for 2 weeks, by then my payment was late & they told me they couldn't help me because my payment was late that I would have to make a payment so I did & I'm still trying to get my payments lowered & it has been 3 months. Now I'm just wondering when the repo guys will show up. It makes me mad after I have paid over $10, 000 for this vehicle & now I'm just gonna lose it cause they won't help their customers. I also turned them into the better business bureau but haven't heard anything back on that.

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  • Lh
      9th of Dec, 2010


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  • Lu
      21st of Mar, 2011
    Citifinancial Auto - Always keeping me on hold through phone
    Citifinancial Auto
    United States

    I mailed a check on the first of the month to get endorsed but never received it back. But me and my brother had endorsed it. I have been waiting for check, So I can get my car fixed but when I call I am always put on hold the check is for $500 Plus dollars.

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  • Mo
      12th of Oct, 2012
    Citifinancial Auto - The loan is paid off, but was never sent a revised copy of the title
    Citifinancial Auto
    United States

    I need to get the release of lien on my vehicle ASAP. I am trying to sell it. The loan is paid off, but was never sent a revised copy of the title. The loan originated at Auto One Financial and then was transferred to you. The account # that I have available is 2511944701. The loan was paid off on 08/25/2006.

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  • Ca
      16th of Nov, 2012
    Citifinancial Auto - judgement
    United States

    Citifinancial Auto is fraud...lets start class action email is [protected] will start only need 10 to get started.

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  • Ma
      7th of Jan, 2015

    CitiFinancial repoed our car after we tried to make several payment for the monthly amount however refused to accept the payment we had slipped 2 payments and gotten behind and after that they charged us ridiculous late fees and interest on top of that they even put there own insurance on our car claiming the full coverage through Farmers Insurance in which I had 3 vehicles insured for more than 12 years fully with them CitiFinancial said it was not good enough so they charged us additional monies on top of our monthly payment plus late fee plus interest.
    These people are low life scamming ### that take advantage of good hard working people by over charging adding ridiculous charges that don't need to be applied and charging interest that is astronomical like 23% because of our no credit or bad credit history and they know there isn't a damn thing we can do about it because by the time you hire a lawyer to fight them you have lost just as much if not more money than if you just paid the ridiculous price to begin with, not to mention you probably aren't going to win against their high priced paid lawyers anyhow.

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