Citibank / credit card

United Arab Emirates

I was using citibank credit card for over 8+ months. Yesterday 03-02-2019 by mistake I made two payments to my citibank credit card. After realization I called customer service and asked the money back which was made by mistake and the customer executive answered me it is not possible to return the money back either use this amount for purchase or continue for next billing. The way he answered me and tone of his speech was very rude. I was really very disappointed with this customer services not only from citibank but for all the customer services also. Since I have to pay that money for my rent, So I don't have an option to go for loan on phone (Loan from credit card cash limit). So again I called citibank for loan and I explained this situation. Now this guy said it is possible to get your money back with some charges. I agreed for that charges since I don't have an option. Some peoples gives false information and we believe them and we go for another option.

Feb 4, 2019

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