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Citibank / citi card visa

1 United States

I have several complaints, which I will also be submitting to Costco Wholesale.
This is regarding the Costco Citi Card Visa.
1. As the office manager for my company, I am listed in the CITI Card account as an "Account Manager, " lacking a number of important powers with regards to the account. Because my Boss is Japanese, it is very, very inconvenient to have to put him on the phone, in order to make any request or decision that I could easily accomplish. In fact, basically, I have to write him a script, in order to get done something that I should be able to do all by myself. Under the Costco American Express card that you (Costco) previously sponsored, I was also set as the "Account Manager, " but I had all rights to handle the account - this was much, much easier for my business and my coworkers.

2. CITI credit cards are declined for abstract reasons. Recently, my Boss' credit card had several fraudulent charges attempted - CITI Card flagged them and declined them, and the card was replaced.

Fine, so far, so good, EXCEPT:
All other credit cards on the account were also re-issued, with no change in the credit card number, but with a new expiration date. ONE card, that is, ONE SINGLE letter sent to my company did not arrive, and was sent back to CITI Cards. As a result, ALL CARDS ON THE ACCOUNT WERE SUSPENDED!!!

We were not warned or told of this suspension, either! Instead, one coworker's credit card was declined at his regular gas station. One week later, with other cards on the account still behaving normally, my company received an email stating "Citibank has received returned mail from the Post Office pertaining to your account. Please log into to update your address."

I then contacted CITI Cards by phone, my Boss and I (because I was not allowed to do this by myself) resolved the matter of the returned letter, confirmed that nothing was wrong with the address, and requested that the ONE letter be resent. At that time, we were not told or warned about the suspension of the other cards. The suspension of the other cards does not seem to have started until after we had seemingly resolved the problem! We knew nothing of a problem with our other credit cards until I tried to send an important package by FedEx the following day!

3. Customer Service. I have a very strong positive statement to say about American Express Customer Service: In the 10-15 years that my company had business credit cards with the Costco American Express Card, I never, NEVER, spoke to an impolite, unhappy or unhelpful person in American Express Customer Service. This is so extraordinary that it really bears mention! In the 1-2 years of working with CITI Cards, about 25% of the people I have spoken with have been unhappy and/or not-so-polite.

Oct 10, 2018

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