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We open a Citibank Account a few months ago and encountered several problems with their online system, fees, and blocking of my account. But the worse yet happened this week. I received a wire in my account for 2975. I needed to withdraw 2200 from the account the next day. The day the wire came in, the account was positive and showing the available amount. The next day I went online, it shows my account blocked. They are saying this is because the wire is still pending. How can the wire be pending if it was showing available the day before. A payment I had come into the account was return that day even though the wire was in the account and they charged me $34. I went to the branch and the unblock the account and release the wire and the rep told me that because she had to unblock the account that day, the only way I can get the 2200 out is that I need to cash a check. I did not have a check so she give me a counter check, cash it and give me the cash. So all is fine. A few days later, I go online and my account is blocked again. I called up and asked why. After 30 minutes on the phone, the connected me to the local branch and I ended up speaking with the rudest and most arrogant person there. He insisted that I deposited a check made out to myself to my own account. I told him that I never did this and this is ridiculous. He said that the manager is out and I have to wait to speak to him and although he understood what I was saying, hung up saying that there is nothing he can do. I waited the next day and called the branch asking for the Manager only to be told he was out again. So I called the 800 number and ask to speak to a supervisor. A supervisor came on the line and reviewed the account and say she does not understand why they would block the account and that she does not see a deposit made and that the account is contrary to the notes of the rude branch personnel. She keeps me on hold and calls the branch again. She spoke with a teller there who said that neither the manager or the assistant manager is there (assist manager is the guy who gave me a hard time yesterday) but she is aware of the situation and the check for 2200 came up on a manager's screen so he blocked my account. The "supervisor" came back on the line with a change of heart and said that if a branch manager blocks an account there is nothing she can do and that I have to wait to speak with him. I ask so what happens if the branch manager is out for days, what happens to the clients. She said that is a policy. I asked how can a large bank like citibank give such autonomy to one person who is out and no one else can help me and I am left hanging out to dry. She said sorry, there is nothing she can do. Needless to say this is about a check they are claiming I deposited, which I did not, and they have no record of it on their system, but by some magic the manager has a "screen" that shows a deposit and blocks my account and then chooses to be away for days and no one else can help me, not even a supervisor. Worse yet, they returned 2 payments I had to make and charge me fees on top of this. I find this to be completely ludicrous and I asked her to close the account and mail me a check for my balance immediately, which she did. If anyone wants to take this matter up at Citibank, I have the ID of the rep I spoke with as well as the names of the arrogant branch asst manager and manager.

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      17th of May, 2010

    I too have been a customer of Citibank for a long time. I pay on time and have never encountered any problems until the past year. First off I was told my line of credit was decreased when I attempted to use my card and it was declined. After talking with an idot, I accepted the fact and life went on. Today, I made my monthly payment, online, my account showed I had a usable balance but when I attempted to use my card it was declined. Well I called the company and was told my account had been cancelled on 5/13/10 due to the credit bureau report. I was never informed of this and feel they have violated some kind of law. Has anyone else experienced this problem???

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