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I am attempting to refinance my primary mortgage at an excellent rate, and part of the requirements is that I have to get my second mortgage with CitiMortgage to submit a subordination agreement to the primary refinancing lender.

CitiMortgage states a 75 day turnaround for a simple request - this is unheard of.

They complain of being flooded with requests - my suggestion is to get some temporary help with the taxpayer money they've STOLEN from us!

My refinancing puts CitiMortgage in a more secure position to receive its paymehts from me, but refuses to expedite subordination agreements in a timely and efficient manner.

My lock expires in a week, and there is no way it will be extended for 75 days.

Not only do I pay my mortgages on time, but I am paying for defaulted mortgages entered into by CitiMortgage.

They deserve to SINK - do you hear that Obama - SINK SINK SINK!

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  • Ti
      Aug 11, 2009

    I am in the same boat. It took weeks just to find out exactly what was needed to submit the subordination request and submit payment. Multiple calls to India where they state they have not received my request, my account number is incorrect, etc. My mortgage company is at their wits end spending hours just to get this signed document. Now my rate is going to increase because they cannot keep extending it without charge to me. Citibank is incredibly unprofessional regarding this situation. Guess what - I am no longer banking with them and will use any other bank!!!

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