Citibank / activating credit card

The foreign customer service representatives for Citibank credit card refuse to activate our
credit card. The foreign customer service representatives do not speak nor understand
english and read from a script that does not answer your questions. When confronted with
their lack of english language skills they simply hang up the phone. Citibank needs to be
fined another $ 770 million dollars for their continued credit card fraud, SCAMS. They
issued my spouse and I ( joint account as authorized user ). Both cards have the exact same
account number and security code. We called to activate and the foreign representatives
were unable to activate. They tried to send text to both our phones as listed when we
applied but the said there system would not allow it. I tried to activate online but their
website was not functioning properly. We told the foreign representatives to close the
account but they refused to close account. HORRIBLE foreign customer service or I should
say that Citibank is committing consumer fraud by BAIT AND SWITCH tactics by issuing
credit cards only to not activate them. We received the welcome kit in the U. S. Mail as well
as an email congratulating us that we are now members of Citibank thank you preferred
credit card. Citibank is corrupt and a complete joke. As soon as we pay off the Macy's credit
card we will close it since Citibank has something to do with it. Also, we no longer shop at
Costco since Citibank screwed up their credit cards. Please fine Citibank another $ 770
million dollars.

Jul 30, 2018

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