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Citi - Finantial / Rude / ruthless / underhanded / no morals

1 Erie, PA, United States

For 2 months I have been dealing with Cit Finantial. They are Liars, Sneekie, Untrustworthy. Whenever I go there for info on the account they start with :Now MaMa, just keep repeating it like I'm doing something wrong, when all I'm doing is trying to get the info. i need. They just won't answer any questions. Well I turned they into the Attorney General and then I got the info I needed. But there was a clause that I needed explained and they were again rude. The girl at the desk, Dorthy DePonceau told me to just leave, your Nothing but A Joke. The District Mananger came out and tells me to stop and acted like I was the problem. After going in a room to have him give me an explaination that I have needed. Needless to say he never answered the question, said he didn't know the answer. I told him to call there legal dept. now and ask them. He did and I still never got an explanation. Well I'm now getting the form from the Federal Reserve to report them for sneekie underhandedness things they do. I sugest to anyone who is having any problem with any company to turn them into your Attorney General. They have helped me with Verizon over billing and chargeing for internet when I didn't have it.I have gotten all my money back. They move real quick when Attorney General talks to them. And after when you think it is over when you get your letter from the Attorney General asking if everything is fixed, if it isn't when you write back and tell them in just a few days you hear results. Now Citi Fin. is another story, I have got Attorney Generl on it but now feel the Federal Reserve needs to be contacted. Good Luck to you all.


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