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Circuitcity - Car Alarm Installation / Install and refund problems

1 2800 196th Street SouthwestLynnwood, WA, United States
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This all started on 12/07/2007. I went into the CircuitCity in Lynnwood, Washington to check out some remote starter alarms for my 2007 Toyota Camry. I've first talked to the sales rep and asked him a few questions. I first asked if the price ($559) includes everything. The sales guy answered yes, the price includes everything and also the install as well. I asked if this comes with one remote or two remotes, the sales guy told me it comes with two remotes. I asked him how long this will all take? He replied about 3 to 4 hours. So I said go ahead and install it for me. I Gave the sales guy an extra key cause I know they will need it to install remote starter on new cars. The sales guy charged my CircuitCity card and charged a wrong price for me. I had to than walk to the customer service desk to adjust the pricing. So far, I have 2 receipts, the original one, and the one that shows the adjustments. I went home and waited for them to call me.

Later on this night, I got a call from CircuitCity install department telling me that they have a problem installing the alarm and cannot figure it out on why as of yet. This was almost time for them to close so they asked me if they can finish this up tomorrow. At this time, I told them yes, they can finish this install tomorrow and call me when it is done. By tomorrow afternoon, (12/08/2007) CircuitCity install department called me again and said the problem was they needed to install an extra module for the auto start to work and that they also need an extra key from me. The module will cost me an extra $50.99. At this point, I started to get upset but I did tell them to go ahead and install it and charge me for it. This install took all day. They finally called me and said the install was done. When I went to the store to pick up my car, I found out a few things. First, they doubled charged me. They charged me the $50.99 amount twice. Than, they told me they found out that there was only one remote and that I can have another one for an extra $150 dollars. I got upset again but didn't show that I was mad. I told them to charge me and give me an extra remote. I went to the customer service desk and did an adjustment of the $50.99 they charged me twice and a charge of $150 that I didn't expected. I now have 3 receipts.

Next, the installers later told me the extra remote was defective, I again had to walk to the customer service desk and do another price adjustment for the $150. This is the 4th receipt redone for me. after everything has been done on th alarm install, I tested the alarm before I went home with it. The alarm arms and disarms fine. The alarm autostarts just fine. But here's the problem, when I autostart the car, I can unlock the car but cannot lock the car back if the engine is running. This defeats the purpose of an autostart. I've told them this problem. They said they will try fixing it and this will take until the next day. I told them at this point, if they cannot fix it, I want them to uninstall the alarm and give me a "complete" refund. They told me this would be fine. The next day (12/09/2007) they called me and said everything is uninstalled. I went to store again to pick up my car and get the refund. As I got there, they told me they can refund the alarm but the $164.99 install fee cannot be refunded?! I argued about it and is getting no where. I got the alarm refunded but now I am stuck with a $164.99 install fee that they did not do a complete install for me. This is the 5th receipt.

I wanted to write a complaint about this store about my $164.99 fee I am still getting charged. And throughout the process, there was mistakes made as well. One transaction and 5 receipts.


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