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rude behavior by manager and did not return a valid product!

1. 2 Orders Placed because of System Error.

On 3rd Dec, 2007 I placed an online order for a Uniden Cordless Phone. While placing the order, I got an error screen and placed another order after 10 minutes. To my bad luck bother the orders got processed.

The order numbers are:
a) [protected]
b) [protected]

2. Called Customer Care

When I got 2 mails about my order getting shipped, I realized that 2 orders were placed the next morning. I called customer care and asked them to cancel one order. I was told that the order cannot be canceled as it has been shipped. I asked them about rebate and they told me that since the orders have different invoices and are separate, I can submit rebates for both of them.

3) Submitted Rebates for both Phones.

As told by customer care, I submitted rebates for both the phones. Tracking numbers:

1. [protected]
2. [protected]

One of my rebates got rejected and they told that I cannot submit 2 rebates.

4) Spoke to Customer Care.

I spoke to customer care 4 times. Every time I had to explain the whole story. I asked them if I could get my bar code back and they said it is not possible. They told me to check with store.

5) Visited Circuit City Store in Bellevue.

On 6th January, I visited Circuity City store in Bellevue. Thh manager "Serina" was very nice and she patiently listened to the whole thing, verified all the papers I had. Unfortunately I did not have the phones with me as I had sent it to my sister. She told that they can accept it without the bar code, but I will not get the shipping back. I was ok with it. She also told that this product was also eligible for a holiday return plan and I could return it till 26th January.

The ticket number for this was:[protected]. She entered the entire conversation into the system and gave me a receipt dated 1/06/08 at 18:43:12.

6) Visited Circuit City Store in Sunnyvale

My sister visited Circuit store in Sunnyvale. She took both the phones with her and also all the documentation. She told customer service to return one of them.

Here is what happened:

a) The person at the counter refused even without listening to the whole thing.
b) My sister was told that the manager is too busy to talk and she was asked to go back.
c) After a lot of struggle, my sister got hold of the manager. The manager was very rude. He said that this might be a fake and probably we were making it all up. He meant that we are lying. My sister tried to explain him, but he was adamant on not listening.

My question is:

1) Why do 2 different circuit city store have a different viewpoint?
2) What is my fault in the whole thing?
3) It is not a matter on 15 bucks, but I got frustrated because I wasted so much time.

I recommend everyone not to buy from Circuit City for their unprofessional behavior. I want to escalate this issue to the top management at Circuit City. Please let me know where I can send this or any number I can call. The higher management should know what is happening in their stores.

Akhil Jindal.

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    Akhil Jindal Jan 31, 2008
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    This is Akhil again. Well, finally people at circuit city listened to my request. I highly appreciate the efforts of Nick Vaughan @ Circuit City for listening/reading the entire thing and understanding my situation.

    Thanks a lot Nick and Circuit City.

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